Obama Nation “winning the future”…State of the Union speech 2011

He’s really talking about, “winning the war in heaven” with a new world order. That’s the real new “political reality” in store for us captives here on Earth…
– – Count 6 “Yes we can” = the number of man and rebellion and in reverse speech means, thank you satan-adversary. Oh yeah the dream of our founders the Masons is still alive and the “power of Democracy” in the hands of traitors and tyrants is evident no matter how many lies they tell; but only for a short time…until Isaiah 29:7 comes to pass, And the multitude of all the nations that fight against Ariel (LION OR LIONESS OF YAH), even all that fight against her and her munition, and that distress her, shall be as a dream of a night vision.

Like all the other lying signs and wonders and backward messages in tele-vision images that deliver and signal to eachother and all those complicit in the controversy of those destroying the Earth as death continues to ride on this planet at their command…

The precession of planets is moving in reverse and the adversary hopes to have history all rewritten with the lawless one named allah lucifer as most high god when we get back to the beginning and the reset of harvest time….Their goal is; death continuing to rule and reign instead of the Lawgiver of Life immortal… I find it reassuring to know that like in queen Esthers day all the devices they have prepared to tamper with time and law shall fail and they shall be taken in their own devices and the covenant of death shall bee annulled….as it is written…now that is something way beyond what we can really hope for or imagine but then but of course by faith all things are possible…through in and by Fathers salvation and we having the mind thereof as willing wise and stirred vessels….

Truth having its abode within us we see, we hear, we Understand the signs of the times…the tampering with time and law called the “power” of democratic change by liars, thieves and murderers who continue to do the will of their father…
Still standing…


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