NEW Madrid and Passover 2011…

Turn on the cable weather channel today!
Are they just terrorizing us or are they warning those with eyes that see… of a direct hit this week here in the USA with nightime tornadoes!… coming right after a little target practice in Tampa? (Recently headline news as airport runways there recently adjusted due to compass north mag fields movement) and the place where Islamic justice coming out in the open, made the news in a USA Hillsborough court and coming just ahead of their New Madrid earthquake “Training exercise test” in May… May is shaping up to bee a doozy. I was driving yesterday and some radio preacher was teaching that the sons of god in Genesis 6 were just men who were believers, that rebelled by marrying unbelievers being unequally yoked!No mention of fallen angel men or war in heaven per book of revelation and Enoch and saying that we had 100 days or so till the upcoming rapture! Oh really. Isn’t that around May 15th when the Islamics Mahdi is also expected? I came across a few interesting vids posted at bottom showing the haarp weapons signature angles if you haven’t seen them before now. They probably work in conjunction with the ley lines. With the earth wobbling like a drunkard and the Magnetic north moving it should be interesting to see how this all shakes out literally… Space based weaponry like fire coming down from heaven…lying sign. It occurred to me that as above so below is the reason they are destroying the earth as it has a direct paralel life to the heavenly realm. On earth as it is in heaven is linked together. Remember they have sent plutonium up into the heavens as a “test” at least that’s what “they” told us….sigh.
One vid I didn’t get the link to but it explained how the Northcom military sitcoms and fema work together in disasters and how embedded into one of them is about how as a result of earthquakes or disasters and the waiting internment camps are related, prepared in advance for use and they are all over the country … sigh
So now it is really obvious why hollywood and the weather channel have desensitized the population for so long about weather disasters! So life goes on amidst one “weather war” calamity after another just as foretold…eating, drinking, marrying like in Noahs day…sigh. As wars and rumors of wars continue and they try to blame the burning of a Quran in Florida on the Islamic outrage of the middle east. What liars they are, these destroyng terrorist men are; those who continue to steal and kill destroying Earth…deceiving even the elect with strong delusion mixing the holy with the profane and casting Truth down continually. How many can handle the fact that the goal of the USA was to own the weather as a force of war, as far back as 1977 or so, as recorded in public documents?

I guess all of this will take our minds off the fact that we are also being poisoned with ongoing radiation no matter what “they” say and keeping us very busy as all these things come at us; Georgia Guidestone declarations by those destroying the earth in progress…And some people still think we don’t need a savior or believe that we have one or who is returning lest no flesh be saved as foretold. No wonder most don’t want to talk or think about any of these hard truths. They have no hope other than today to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die…And those still on the milk of the Word have no clue they are wretched and naked still transgressing the law of commandments written on 2 tablets of stone and are still bowing down to other gods at xmas being seduced under trees with beguiling lights like Eve was seduced into idolatry with another tree in the garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil(a mixing of the holy with the profane causing a strong delusion) and easter; eating food sacrificed to idols and forgetting to keep Sabbath holy and set apart for rest and forgetting it is the PASSOVER and Tabernacles Feasts in conjunction with Day of Atonement that we are to honor. How do they really expect to be counted worthy to escape all these things coming on the Earth as mens hearts fail from fear?
Double Duplicate warnings from December by Fema…
On 199th Anniversary of New Madrid Quake, FEMA Urges Public to ‘Resolve To Be Ready’
Release Date: December 15, 2010
Release Number: R7-10-025
On The 199th Anniversary of New Madrid Quake, FEMA Urges the Public To Be Prepared Today
Release Date: December 16, 2010
Release Number: HQ-10-226 Their firsthand account:
“The Aurora event peaked about the same time as the earth quake in Japan before Midnight local time in Minnesota.”From the start of the solar flare until the earthquake…March 9, March 10, march 11…three nights. That the sun may have caused this would be stupefying and marvelous. Shortly afterwards, the earth will tremble, in French “la terre tremblera”.Did the solar flare actually trigger this awful earthquake?

Full Moon for April, 2011
April 18, 02:44
The holiday of Pesach, or Passover
, falls on the Hebrew calendar dates of Nissan 15-22. Here are coinciding secular dates for the upcoming years:
2011: April 18-26
Note: The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus all holiday observances begin at sundown on the secular dates listed, with the following day being the first full day of the holiday. (Thus, the first Passover seder is held on the evening of the first date listed.) Jewish calendar dates conclude at nightfall.

Particularly disturbing is this title and date! PASSOVER
This event does not repeat Indiana ShakeOut

Tuesday, April 19, 2011This event does not repeat
FEMA Prepares for HAARP Earthquake on New Madrid Fault Line BP

Hosea 4:Prophecy begins…
Hosea 4:1 Hear the word of YHWH, ye children of Israel: for YHWH hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of Elohim in the land.


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  1. 14:32 What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation? That YHWH hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it. (Flee for refuge within it.) Passover…

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