REMEMBER The Sign of the Sabbath REST and COME! Ye who thirst for living water…

Are those who LOVE ME.
MY NAME is evidence of the KEY, I am the DOOR and it is still open…Come! Thus sayeth the All in All Almighty MOST HIGH YAHUWAH.

With so many SIGNS and lying signs at work remember even Christ the only begotten SON of man while in the flesh down here in this dimension doing HIS work, even as it was and is, prepared in advance; had to stand firm by faith enduring to the end of the trial to bring to pass the victory of the prize, obtained in the SPIRITUAL …”NOT my will but THY will.” He alone opened the LEGAL door/portal/WAY; with the key to death and darkness for us paying the ful price. The trials and testing of LIFE in the blood must come first. Stand Firm to the end which is the completion of our faith. The fear of YHWH and those who hear and do HIS will, is the evidence of those who really really LOVE HIM. His Faithful and True Family will inherit the Kingdom as the curse is reversed and the day in which the original transgression of the Law brought death in the first battle in the original garden is made new and our TRUE KING rules and reigns with us for a 1,000 year day. This old dimension rolled up like the scroll of a book in a new heaven and a new earth. HalleluYah…All things are possible through Christ JESUS(the name given for the sacrifice nailed to the stake of a tree not a cross) The TRUE NAME of LIVING AUTHORITY, our Fathers Salvation, YAHU -WAH- SHUWAH…
Stand Firm as we see the battle is already won and our Yah requires an accounting…for what is passed. What is your testimony and what evidence is recorded in the books to your account? It is the Living Word that is/was and to COME, the Judge of the Law for mankind and will decide the verdict in the case for mankind and entrance into the KINGDOM of the KING.


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