speaking of elements that shouldn’t be there…Remember we are bio-electric vessels of flesh that contain our spirit SPIRIT…

CONSIDER THAT WHEN THE OVERTHROW OF THE EARTH OCCURED AT THE FOUNDATIONAL BEGINNING OF EARTH AS WHEN “THE FLUX OCCURRED …” AND REMEMBER WE ARE IN bio-electric vessels of flesh and NOW some of us…WE can SEE WHY, why, our minerals are puposely being depleted and PURPOSELY being kept from us,by those who seek to steal, kill and destroy US through deceptions dressed as lawful edicts written on tables of lawlessness. LAWLESS ORDINANCES BEING INSTITUTED AND FORCED UPON US,man-kind and keeping us in sick weak vessels of flesh, as slaves.

Everything you always wanted to know about Alchemy and Why O’ Why do they do it.
These are lectures David Hudson gave in the 1990’s
David Hudson is the originator of the term “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”, and holds the patent. David Hudson patent can be seen:
Hudson Patent for White Powder Gold video link: pt 1

From http://www.asc-alchemy.com/hudson.html
EXCERPTS: “Now what happens is the individual atoms, when it goes to the high-spin state, and this is going to be a little technical, bear with me. In a normal atom, around the nucleus, there is what’s called a positive screening potential that exists around the nucleus and this positive screening potential screens all of the inner electrons and only the valence electrons, the ones on the outside, are available for chemical bonding, these are not screened, they’re called valence electrons. When the nucleus goes to the high-spin state that positive screening potential expands out and overlies all of the electron orbitals and all of the electrons become screened. Now some amazing things happen when the electrons are under the screening potential. The electrons are time forward electrons and time reverse electrons, actually get in perfect harmony and pair up, they couple, they become married and they literally become pure light, in the high-spin state. All of the valence electrons are no longer valence electrons, they become light.
Another very important phenomena is under the screening potential of the nucleus the time reversed electron acts identical to a positron. Okay? And by definition the positron is the energy that originates in the nucleus, but under the screening potential of the nucleus the time reversed electron now acts like a positron. And so you have the time reversed electron paired with the time forward electron and they literally become light. They no longer have any particle aspect.So certainly when this flux collapse occurs you’re going to get all sorts of elements that shouldn’t have been there before. In that Scientific American article it actually tells you the elements you’ll get from palladium. Listen!
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