2011 Indiananapolis State Courthouse Visitation, Three Messengers and a Silent Showdown

We also made a few speeches…I am like a little book of the Lamb, all dressed in white, beeing made ready for the slaughter; but bee ye advised; I walk very softly but I do carry a really big stick; it’s called a PENCIL! Watch here for more postings coming soon of our testimony in the Earth. The messages are for those of you who hear and those who don’t but will seek the Truth. Remember and know that, real complete hearing that produces the understanding, only comes by the Word being made alive within you as it takes up residence to the full and overflowing. You are what you eat. It’s your choice what is going to be on the plate for your consumption and then it’s up to you to seek out the fuller Truth not automatically revealed. Learn about the hard truths and getting the Understanding of just what it is and then receiving it as a freely available gift might cost you something if you are willing to stand for it and proclaim it but I am living brreathing proof that i am never alone for I know the Comforter as the Spirit of Truth available to all and it is not the bondage of religion. It is YHWH the Spirit who has overcome the world already and whom is looking for those who will worship and Rev.ere Him in Truth, in the place where He abides. I revere the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. What about you?

We wrote them all letters, We filed a legal challenge, they refuse to hear or repent of their lawbreaking ways. So bee it the warnings have gone forth. Messages delivered.

Mr. Speaker Take Down that Picture! We wrote them letters, we submitted for a court review, they refuse to repent. The warnings have gone forth.

Jermiah 51 and Isaiah 28 Declarations made on a firm foundation.

Is that a bronze bull or a golden calf of idolatry. You decide.

David Joshua, Michael and Me delivering our message in person, inside the House Chambers in front of the Apotheosis of Indiana aka Spirit of Indiana Graven Image on the Wall behind the podium


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