The answer to, “Why are Islamic Military Combat Training Groups Allowed in the US.”

Remember this fox News Report from 2009 letting us know what is really going on: American JIHAD – terrorist cells TRAINING CAMPS in USA

Video testimonial states the reason is, “Our Govt. hands are tied and can’t do anything about it because of the Constitution.” Or is it more that our government doesn’t want to do anything about it? Using the reason, “because of the Constitution,” is pretty weak considering, all the available evidence! Here we are now in 2012 and are being told our children must have forced vaccinations, we must all have forced healthcare and the NDAA has passed legislation, allowing incarceration without trial for all of us. The Bush administration told us, “If we’re not for them we’re against them so what is it going to take for people to wake up to what is happening? Now does any of that sound like American Law or real justice or anything resembling biblical law of 2 or more witness’s? A little known fact is that the Congress passed into law the Noahide laws which are hidden but known about by most of us who take up this burden as watchmen. They are laws closer aligned with this emerging Islamic ideology just not recognised for what it actually is by the masses. I am tired of repeating myself, so if you look into it all, you will see it is the truth of the matter and better able to see the real situation we are all in.

Truth the age old question. What is it?
Now consider this Headline: Chrislam’s Rick Warren Partnering With Mosques To Teach That God And Allah Are The Same
Remember his start with that book 40 days to faith or whatever? It seemed like a good idea at the time… Quran Surah ch 112 vs 1-4 clearly states ALLAH does not beget…the God of the Bible predicted Emmanuel to come and was the only begotten son of man, who warned us about these wolves. It is just another end time lie mixing the holy with the profane causing strong delusion. It’s everywhere you look. He’s probably a closet Mason at the 32, 33rd degree where they take the Oath to Allah and Lucifer…it’s really a lot easier to see the giant web of lies once you know that and then knowing Freemasonry’s Most Worshipful Master is George Washington who is sitting declared as God on the Nations Capitol an Islamic design Dome sitting in the clouds of heaven is oh so much easier to see the war in heaven being waged right here in Earth. In a nutshell that’s what is really going on and why finding real justice in any court of this land is always a question mark. So many judges and law enforcement agencies and politicians have taken their oaths to each other and the (craft) at the 7th degree.

And now that so many of us know this about Islam, the true religion of the founders of this country and their greedy land aquisition goals as their real foundational motivators,and a whole lot more about it’s real history and reason for the wars with the original natives, out comes Farrakhan Nation of Islam, telling another whitewash story to the Muslims about Masons who are already under a spell of strong delusion, just like christians who believe the likes of Farrahkan or any other false prophet that comes along. (Video by Farrahkan for your reference The anti-christs are many on both sides of the battle for the Truth. Lies with truth mixed in, causes very powerful spell …and is getting really difficult to discern if one does not have a strong biblical understanding of the written Word of scriptures avialable for our instruction, especially the Old Covenant history of our story, the story of mankind. In my opinion the video is full of double speak. Bottom line is; Washington and the others, killed and stole the land of the original natives here in the US, incarcerated and removed them to reservations until they had taken it all by force and these wolves are even now, systematically doing the same thing. The weapons are no longer bows and arrows or tanks and guns as you might think. The real war is waged through laws and brainwashing by those in high places of governmental power deceiving so many into serving the wrong God. We are totally justified in separating from such an oppressive Gov’t and it is actually our duty to both God and Country. Demonstrating our Protestant Separatist beliefs in compliance to our own Most Worshipful Master YHWH and leading by example not forced conversion which is the M.O. of the adversary and Islam or any other dictatorial entity. This country was founded on the premise of a constitutional right of freedom of religion and so it is this belief that is currently being used as, a tactical maneuver by the powers that be, to convince the masses that Allah is the same God as Yah, our True Father and King worthy of our reverence. In the process they are remaking this country into a Nation of Islam incrementally and using the constitution as it’s shield and a weapon against us, we the people who are, the current natives on the land they intend to take by force! We literally are up against a Govt. that claims the authority of God over us, but worships a different God than we do and considers those of us who believe in teh only begotten son of man as infidels worthy of death by decapitation. The shriners symbol of a red fez and a sword is no mistake and understood for what it symbolizes to those of us who see the message of the symbol. It’s all about the land and the aquisition and rulership over it in an ancient war waged against the inhabitants of Earth. These lawless ones have no real authority over us.

Little by little so many things in historical records were changed and hidden or destroyed and now forgotten, to deceive us all in the war for the Truth. The pledge of allegiance was changed by Congress several times as published in their publication called, “Our Flag.” That publication states the goals of this government which is to form a new constellation and they feature stars, yes literal stars. When I refer to war in heaven and they refer to form a new constellation it is the same thing! Consider where did all this technology really come from in the last 100 years? there are many things hidden from us but considering that aspect of this whole scenario playing out will help enlarge the mind to see a much bigger picture. In the beginning of our nation no matter how it came about, our pledge of allegiance was to our God. Now it reads, “We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,” which they declared a living thing, an idol representing Washington…The same was tactic used with Hitler in Germany and the people fell for that. This is all public knowledge now, with the internet available to discover all the hidden knowledge of history, to those willing to look at the evidence.

Knowledge is power and it helps to explain why things are the way they are now especially the hard truths. So when I see forced vaccinations, forced health care decrees and NDAA enactments for incarceration, I know what it really means. We have been pledging allegiance to a Govt. at war in heaven with our God and us. A Govt. putting itself in place of authority and ruler ship over us. It explains why the Congress and politicians do not hear or do the will of the people or abide by the Bible Laws, of the real creator….And why the immigration gates have been kept open especially for Muslims and why our Govt. is bowing and serving Allah not the god of the Bible and why we are being repressed. History is repeating as recorded in the Old Covenant and we are in the chosen land of milk and honey known the world over by that name. It’s just too bad all those who came, the tired and poor had to go in under the Free Mason goddess aka The Statue of Liberty, who is nothing more than an idol graven image donated by the Masons of France and not recognised for what it is by the masses.
It is time for choosing where you stand and who you will bow and serve and where you will draw the line to take a stand.

Yesterday it really sank in, just how free I really am…
I can clearly see how the Congress helped with the deception declaring the flag a living thing representing George Washington as God and how blasphemous it really is, calling evil for good. There is only ONE GOOD and the interesting thing about being separate and coming out is, that the LIVING SPIRIT OF TRUTH comes and abides within your temple of flesh. It is the Truth that separates us ans seals us from within. I can really see it all now and this is, the mark of the high calling and the prize. Real Freedom to bee able to come out and be ye separate as a new creation not in our own mortal power but by the Spirit. beeing able to see the example of Christ who over turned the money changers tables, as a demonstration and protest of who they really were and how to overcome their extortion and lies being espoused in their temple houses of the law…A Protestant, Separatist a perfect example of WWJD? He opened the gate and showed us the way. The door is the truth and having a little strength being able to find it and walk through it.

I am a messenger and I will continue giving my testimony sighing and crying all the while over the abominations and sad knowledge, that the gate truly is narrow and few there bee who find it as the full measure of an overcomer, who knows the Truth as the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, keeping it holy and set apart as it makes us the peculiar people written about.


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