ATTENTION ALL WHITE FREEMasons…Washington’s Masonic Jihad confirmed by Louis Farakhan Join 3-7-2012

You may not like what we say, you may not agree with what we are saying most of the time, in fact, you may hate us because of what we speak, or want to destroy us completely, because of our color, because of our faith, or just because we’re meek, but regardless of all the hatred and violence towards us and ours, I still am obligated by my love for my fellow man to invite you to listen to this show, to learn the truth, for only the truth can set man free, and the time has come to truly understand freedom, and comprehend the love and mercy of Yah, and separate from that which we were clearly instructed to have no union with, lest we would suffer the same fate as those whose authority came from their greed, deception, violence, and finally their evil goal of obtaining the status of a deity, becoming equal to God and waging war in heaven.

http://www.blogtalkradio/ Wednesday March 7, 2012
Tune in to the show, I’ll be ‘in studio’ with the Host of Battle Cry…David Joshua, where we will be tag teaming live your comments and questions, or feel free to call in and just let it off your chest. In between we will be continuing to examine the response from both the Church and the State to the judgement that has come upon them, with the year of the great signs to confirm the timing and validity of the message to the Church and State, of the challenge having been made in the physical realm, from Michael to the great serpent and his kingdom of 33%.

It is our love for mankind, and like our heavenly Father wish that none should perish we will be presenting the words from Pastors, Evangelicals, Ministers, as well as Government officials in response to this final revelation, of the true founding of this Nation, of the crimes against humanity, under a false banner of Christianity the great deception that has placed you back into the bondage of Egypt, serving Pharaoh and his gods and goddesses (sun and moon) while claiming to be free, on your knees serving, obeying, doing the will of the destroyer, giving praise honor and glory to the Apotheosised Washington, who has you all under his spell, the spell of strong delusion, combining the pure with the profane, that you can no longer see the difference between the two, and it is as a tree pleasant to look upon, neither good nor evil, but being both good and evil, and beneficial to partake of, not recalling the Word that instructed us not to be partakers, but to remain separate from such a deadly tree with such ancient roots. Tune in and we’ll fill in the blanks on your pages of life. Live to learn, learn to live. Hoka HEH.
Stephen Michael Schroeder

Minister Farrakhan Exposes The Secrets of Freemasonry (1 of 2) (Feb 27, 2011)

According to Farrakhan, “the wisdom of God is a human being and the Shriners Fez moves only 33 degrees because ….and the founders knew the secret and the destiny of origins, that was known by the founding fathers of this country and the present day rulers…and the current rulers know the secret of building a new heaven and earth and his follower’s must help him build the Kingdom of god on Earth. And ufo’s are the wisdom of the gods…”

I say, what a performance. A very dangerous one and fits the timeing perfectly for the introduction of Chrislam to the masses easily tossed to and fro by doctrines.
Sounds more like he is declaring himself God as the son of god on Earth. I wonder how George Washington is gonna feel about that or is he just positioning himself to be the next president of the present day Jerusalem here in the center navel of the USA preparing to sit on the throne.


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