Sharia Law coming to a court near you…COUP D’ÉTAT and Total Dictatorship in process America!

Forced Religion and the Islamic Jihad is well under way right outside the front door.The government we have now ruling over us is, the religion and bondage of (Free Masonry) in action or (change as they like to say). George Washington is revered as God for he is their Most Worshipful Master, sitting on the throne in the temple of the Law in the dome at the Capitol in the District of Goddess Columbia. They are expecting us to bow and serve their every law; such as forced vaccinations, forced Obama Care Health Care starting March 23, 2013 and go to forced quarantine at the verdict or decree of one man signed into the law of this land, by WAY of the NDAA legislation and that includes; if we get any disease or plague unleashed upon us that they decide is a danger to the public. We could be forced to go to a quarantine facility and reading between the lines we all know they are currently staffing the FEMA camps.

The religion of  Allah and Lucifer are at the top of the Masonic Pyramid at the 32nd and 33rd degree Oath  and the ladder  they all ascend and descend on, operates out of Washington, DC. Forced religion(BONDAGE) by the USA Government  is already well under way in this country as part of the unfolding agenda. A Sharia Education Campaign in America! ICNA Launches Nationwide Shariah Education Campaign to Promote Religious Freedom and Combat Islamophobia…Is that what they call it when I don’t like being labeled and infidel worthy of death and targeted as a terrorist, worthy of being on a watch list by the United States Govt for my belief in the only begotten son of man? It is really Allah god of lawlessness versus Yah the Lawgiver at war. They cannot both be the same for one begets and one doesn’t. Add in the “new” executive order- “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” and the Coup d’etat is complete. This is the real change the Obama-na-tion campaign was all about and many of us watchers warned.

America. Stop looking for the next anti-christ. The abomination of desolation is already in the temple as we see the desolations everywhere we turn.If it is not at this late hour recognised for what it is, maybe it is because the evidence brought forth and available to all has not been looked at by most who still continue on asleep or are too busy to take the time to consider what or why things are the way they are.  ISLAMIC worship of Allah is allowed in the US and fostered because it is the true religion of the founding frauders .The US Constitution is held up to protect the Islamic Jihad underway within our midst, seen clearly at work from within this country, as every consideration is being made to accomodate them as high up as the Justice Department laundering all training eliminating the Islamic prejudice, for which the whole deception of the War on Terror is formed by the traitors running this country and the world. The Constitution is disregarded in most other cases towards us, “We the people.” The Bible has revealed the things of the Spirit, to many of us all. The scriptures offer the foundation anyone needs to get the basics. We don’t need to meditate on mantra’s to know the truth, just feed on the words of history and scriptures which reveal the secrets. Not hiding from all the evidence occurring daily, able to see things for what they are with faith and courage as fearless patriots. History is indeed repeating.

The war is not over there in the Middle East. It is right here at home. The inquisition is alive and well just outside your front door. When they come knocking on March 23, 2013 will it be for a forced injection or a trip to the Fema Camp?

Now that the wolves are coming out from both sides of battle and declaring that the God of the Bible is the same as Allah in the Quran, it’s only a matter of time before they literaly openly force all, to bow and serve ALLAH which means lawlessness in Hebrew. It certainly answers the why of the flood gates now open,  for so long with Islamic immigration into this county and women in burkas everywhere, desensitizing and getting everyone used to the Sharia Law coming our way..TRUTH SEEKER TRUTH FINDER TRUTH FOLLOWER TRUTH DEFENDER TRUTH REPAIRER TRUTH RESTORER TRUTH MESSENGER <a

Rev 3 He that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple. Will you be counted among the overcomers in this great battle?


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