Havoc on Earth- Hear Me, You Who Know What is Right

Isaiah 51:7 “Hear me, you who know what is right, you people who have my law in your hearts: Do not fear the reproach of men or be terrified by their insults.”

Throughout the ages, many who speak the truth have been persecuted and reviled. Many caved to pressure and sacrificed the good for evil. I speak the truth and find myself a target for others’ blindness. Will this stop me from being the messenger I know in my heart, I am to be? No. I will not give up the fight to proclaim the Word of God as man continues to wreak havoc on Earth.

The iconic Roy Masters (“Advice Line” radio host) in his book “The Secret Power of Words,” distinguishes with a slight but powerful nuance the difference between fiendship and friendship. He describes this as a battle. I find myself now as a central player in that battle, as I continue my crusade to speak the Truth about the idolization of graven images and the enslavement of forced conversion by government legislation.

In the New Testament, both Matthew (5:11) and Luke (6:22) remind me that I am blessed because men hate me, ostracize me, ridicule and insult me and scorn my words. I know that my reward is in heaven, as the bride of Christ, the daughter of a Great King of Righteousness.

I continue to bear the joy and burden of carrying my message to all who will hear me. Some will reflect on my words and be motivated to change. Others – some of whom were friends – will turn away. They are confused, they have not known the fullness of the Truth. Fearing the darkness blind to the truth revealed like the beacon of light that it is. America is a desolation today because of evils brought to our land by the false idolatry of Washington.

I will continue my stand and campaign against evil and destruction, heralding the truth and exposing the lies. I will not give up the fight. Washington the man, will be removed from his throne. A faulty foundation built upon theft, violence and lies of idolatry and false worship fail and fall. I will continue to implore Americans to Take Down the Flag – the symbol of Washington and its role as the barrier that separates us from our Lord God. Washington and blind patriotism does not make us free. God makes us free. He is Truth.

Like Esther, I am one lone woman rallying for a noble cause. It’s the right thing to do. My loyalty is to the King and Kingdom found within, where my true citizenship is. I have faith and it is being tested as I go through trials and testing. Yet here am I, standing.

My life mission is to help people see the truth as it is revealed in the scriptures and how it relates to physical world events. Today’s world, full of confusion, is no different than the past, as history repeats before our very eyes. Truth leads men to freedom – yours and mine.

I am not afraid to stand up and speak up when I see Truth cast down. It is my love for mankind that motivates me and gives me the voice, and the courage, to speak the Truth.

I must repeat my words because so few hear them the first time: Take Down the Flag, America. Time is up. Make a choice for that which you will stand. Stop pledging your allegiance to Washington and all it stands for. We need protection from Washington leading us down the road to our destruction not more idolatry. There is but one True King worthy of our praise, honor and worship: Our Most High God Yahu-wah, the spirit of Truth.

Written with a little help from a faithful friend.


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