Forced Conversion by Deception

Forced conversion by deception does not lead to Freedom.

Outward appearances of good are often hiding deep deceptive evils. We must be discerning. Blind patriotism to our government is a mistake and it involves a controversy of biblical proportions. It is a diabolical scheme to strip us of our sovereign rights to worship our God, Yahu-wah. If you continue to pledge allegiance to Washington, in place of Yah, you are committing blasphemy, the unforgivable sin.

Little by little, our freedom of choice has been hacked, and far too many have fallen under a mesmerizing, hypnotic spell, falling prey, to their own wishful thinking. Hoping and trusting in a government which is not honest and believing that what they are hearing must be the truth.

There’s that word again: Truth. What is the Truth? We must seek to find it and compare evidence, not just in today’s realm but more importantly what’s based in the scriptures of prophecy. As our basic rights are stripped from us by supposedly well-meaning politicians and government-run entities, we are left in a wilderness of confusion and despair unless we have a full understanding of historical accounts. Consider a politician touting cost savings, when the actual outcome is more and more control over Americans’ lives.

I practice and preach the Truth for one simple reason. Truth equals Freedom. I am free. It is my accepted calling to be a voice. I am one of, “We the People.” I will expose the tactics of the enemy as long as I am able.

Forced overt conversion is not new. The Native Americans were forced off their land, living and dying on a very literal TRAIL OF TEARS. Settlers in Indiana were told by the government agents that, Indians were savages, when in fact they revered the Great Spirit YAHU-WAH the Great Father. The “solution” was then applied. Conveniently provided by, Washington’s government land surveyors who, wanted the land. They took it by deception and forced conversion. Our founding fathers, perpetrated actionable fraud with intent, based on greed. Washington’s hidden history of starting phony wars and convincing the people, that for peace and security, they would be safer if Indians were removed, is not well known. The natives were massacred while praying at Prophetstown, Indiana in one such scheme.

The same adversarial tactics are being used today to deceive the masses of people. Arranged massacres by government domestic enemy infiltrators, to create total confusion and chaos.

History repeats, except NOW it is, “WE,” who are the natives, being forced to convert to lawless government mandates. Forced conversion today, is more sophisticated and covert, rather than overt but still recognizable. Washington agents are still using the same tactics as justification for war, adding “cost savings, to their overt cover of “ peace and security when in reality, war only brings death and destruction.

In airports today we are told, “We are being “saved from terror attacks and must go through a search to be safe.” Most fall for the lie that to block a phony war on terrorists, they must go through a back scatter radiation machine, even though it kills cells slowly every time we are screened. Why? Because they believe their government cares for them. The evidence does not support this.
Mind control is a form of forced conversion, to think and do what Washington tells you and mandates. Forced healthcare, forced vaccinations, forced taxes, forced governmental military agendas, unlawful faith based initiatives like Sharia law preferences being brought in with Islam. Hidden and now exposed under the false banner of Washington’s lies and extortion. A flood of non-constitutional and executive legislation mandates intended to control every aspect of our lives by this NWO dictatorship is revealed by it’s actions. This is a total intrusion into our temple of flesh, where our Spirit resides. It is the abomination of desolation.

America, WAKE UP. It is the idol image flying on your flagpole, that is speaking lies and leading you down the broad road leading to destruction. Washington is not our father or our god. Washington is NOT to be feared but challenged in whatever form he appears.

My challenge to you, America, is TAKE DOWN THE FLAG.


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