Lawlessness Deposed vs Lawlessness by Degree Now Revealed and Exposed- The secret of the 33 and Columbia

33rd Degree Masonic Oath


The secret lawlessness at work in the repeal of “Don’t ask don’t tell.”

Homosexuality and sex magic- Is the secret of the 33 that is corrupting the double 3, of spiritual perfection.

Men with Men, does not produce life.

It is the reverse.

The legalization of homosexuality and same sex marriage formerly was considered a criminal offense. Clearly this explains a  manifestation of a reversal of time and law, as foretold to come and overcoming the saints. A perfect example of “forced conversion,” right  here at home, in the good old, USA. Compliments of, the District of Columbia and a subtil land conquest program on going worldwide.

 Secret societies  operating within the Masonic servants of Allah at the 32 Degree-(Allah is revealed, as lawlessness in Hebrew.) There are Hebrew Jews and then there are those who call themselves Jews, but who are not.

 We live in a time and place where our  government forces it’s warriors to wear the flag of the stars and stripes reversed. When and why is that? When did this change come into being? Who authorized it?  Columbia, the star goddess  is not our god, nor is lawlessness. Homosexuality is still the illegal breaking of natural and common law regardless of who or how or why this law has been changed and forced upon us. It is false justice and is a transgression of the law that brings death.

False justice is no justice.

No, I have no other degrees. I object to any ‘form’ of ungodliness, that which calls evil for good.

There is a link explaining this concept in more depth and  I will post it soon.

(Unless you find the clues leading to the link within my websites first.Seek and you will find. It is written.)

I object to form.

Heres one of many, standing and speaking up fearlessly- Thousands times ten thousands of us.

And look what else is discovered and revealed, in my home town! Two questions now answered and one that was left unanswered when asked to Dennis Fisher, on May 4th Blog talkradio testimony, which is now absent from Battlecry.

 1.) I asked him, “What is the homosexual connection to Freemasonry. This series and the links to this lawless Masonic Government of GW explain it all.

2.) Why am I back where I started here in my hometown- standing for the Truth…Well, Well, Well. Now.


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