Crucifixions and Islamic Doctrine- War on US Christians- standing opposed to Allah and Muhammed

Christ Crucified and 5 ROMAN Soldiers

The Quran in Sura 5:33 says: Those who wage war against God and His Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land should be punished by death, crucifixion, the amputation of an alternate hand and foot or banishment from the land…
Attn: All those still playing church and in total denial of what is going down in this country and the world.
Any questions? NOTHING IS HIDDEN.
It’s totally revealed now, why we have a president sitting in Washington’s seat, whose alleged name includes the name of authority given to another royal Islamic one, Muhammed. A prophet delivering a message for Allah. The MESSAGE Delivered is, “Allah is God, in place of YHWH. Allah is the god of many names, like Legion was revealed before the time… Antichrist’s they are many, who put themselves, in place of Yah, and all those who deny the only begotten, son of man.”
Allah begets not- that was just a lie perpetrated by those who follow Quranic principles allowing lies and lying, to infidels deemed worthy of death by Islamic Jihad the universal land conquest war in heaven, on Earth… “on Earth as it is in heaven.”
Masonic secret societies have totally infiltrated and taken over this government here in the USA, because millions are led astray by doctrines of men and most, are unable to wake from the strong delusion, for lack of knowledge of the Word and world. Just knowing the Masonic seventh ROYAL arch degree reveals the problem of corruption in the world governments and lack of justice and is become our downfall. Masonic loyalty to one another on pain of a gruesome death, whether they be right or wrong is at the root and the simple lack of knowledge and understanding by the lower level members, most not knowing what the ancient organization and planned conspiracy has been!

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