The Insurgency of the United States- Against It’s Own People…

Merriam Webster- the quality or state of being

Insurgent – insurgent; specifically: a condition of revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution and that is not recognized as belligerency


I pledge allegiance to my God first, not second, not last, and I stand under His banner.”

We the people of this country were deceived into letting our loyalty be changed to pledging allegiance to an idol flag, of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also known as The District of Columbia – WASHINGTON, D.C. We used to put God first by our words and deeds and now this nation has fallen into the hands of a tyrannical government and corporate interests intent on greed and a forced conversion, to Islamic Shariah Law. We the people of God are reaping the rotten fruit of wrong decisions and gone into captivity, just like they did so many centuries ago, when they forgot to worship and revere only God. Government is not our God. America. YHWH is our God and He alone is worthy to be praised.

The NWO ‘CHANGE’ is being fully implemented now and manifesting itself openly as we appear to be, at the end of this ancient plan. Obama is a Democratic Islamic change agent. He and many others willing to just take orders and preserve their jobs are  the intercessory vessels of flesh, at the receiving end of a destructive unseen hand of power with fraudulent intent to enslave the world, under a United Nations rule of Islamic Law.

Democracy is an unrecognized condition of revolt against OUR REPUBLIC and OUR GOD.  It is treason by degree unrecognized brought in under a banner of legality hostile to common rule of righteous or constitutional law. It is the reason for the arrogance and constant march of war around the world by Washington who is a self appointed “policeman trying to force ‘Democracy on the world‘. The worst part about it is that it has changed into an Islamic Socialist Insurgency, not only here at home but abroad and it is being aided and abetted by our own rogue government. We are guilty by association if we do not stand up and just say, NO. NO MORE WAR WASHINTON. NO MORE FORCED CONVERSION WASHINGTON. NO MORE FORCE. WE WILL NOT FOLLOW LAWLESS DECREES. WE WILL BE LIKE THE MIDWIVES. WE KNOW THE TRUTH. WE WILL NOT KILL OUR OWN PEOPLE OR LET FREEDOM DIE.

Democracy is only one arm of the insidious change, of the Federal Government of Washington, from having limited powers as a  Republic over the citizens and states. It has been perpetrated by incremental legislative rules and more recently by executive acts that  are systematically dismantling the Constitution.  It is color of law in force by degrees resulting in the appearance of being legal and then instituted by a vote of the majority in elections. It is the planned and anticipated result of a public being purposely fed, a diet of lies, by the corporate conspiracy of the mainstream news and others behind the scenes including traitors within our own government and its agencies. Mass populations of illiterate and dumbed down citizens are then held captive, by their own ignorance in the matrix, of  perception fostered through deception. The most recent presidential vote and the fraud with intent  associated with it,  should be enough to convince anyone to heed the warnings, look into these things and make a good decision. Nothing is staying hidden, just as it’s written. We may be a minority, but we are not asleep on duty. We are the real patriots and we are sounding the alarm, wishing none shall fall prey, to those seeking to destroy us and our country.

Stand for Truth and Justice. America.

Dec25th and everyday, I will stand for Truth and Justice.



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