One World Freedom Tower Exposed Crowning the Tyrant & WHO WHAT WHERE WHY & WHEN

One World Freedom Tower Exposed: Crowning The Tyrant TheJonathankleck

Oh OH say can you see? 2+2= DAYS of NOAH… days of noah… do over!The lying signs and wonders, tares at harvest time acting out their roles and intercessions in the last act playing on planet Earth. POOF the end. ENERGIZE.

Thank you Rob Skibba and all the saints who have delivered such helpful messages forming a true picture of our predicament down here on this planet.

Strange women on the ark in Noahs Day and a DNA hypothesis of HIGH interest-

Return of the Nephilim: Nimrod and The Days After and Now – Part2

Tribulation-Now Radio, 28th April 2013 – Archon Invasion – Quest for Immortality –

(Reference: 23 leading  ‘scientists’ and their plans for humanity their new NWO model. MILESTONES to immortality! )

Oh oh say can you see ? Who What Where Why and When? Why the bible is our WARNING DEVICE left for our admonition and makes one wise! Ignore it at your own peril and stay in darkness of hell and the dead not knowing, not seeing, the TRUTH.

SEEDS of Death:
WHY is the CORPORATE MONSANTO MACHINE legally allowed to destroy and take over this planet knowingly POLLUTING THE GENOME of plants, animals and Mankind? They are BEING AIDED AND ABETTED by a totally corrupt judiciary complicit IN OUR SYSTEMATIC GENOCIDE ON ALL FRONTS. The genocide OF OUR SPECIES and takeover of planet EARTH is a concurrent ongoing war of terror being perpetrated against us by TERRORISTS sitting in high seats of power. Remember it is not flesh and blood who is the real enemy but an unseen incremental insurgency of war crimes in a centuries old conflict against us currently being rolled out by lawmakers and legislators who are TRAITORS TO TRUTH. THEY are revealed and they themselves are on trial for all to see. They are known for their criminal enterprise by their works! The  supreme court of the UNITED STATES OF CRIMINALS are men, operating from a false public perception of respect and supposed to be due process of common law but is become nothing but a front for WASHINGTON DC and the Islamic change agents of the UN and those behind the scenes.

THEY have the audacity to think to change time and laws contrary to the King of the universe and decide whether or not corporations can take legal possession of our DNA, as if they have the RIGHTOUS authority of GOD ALMIGHTY. THEY DON’T. The lake of fire awaits them all for their war crimes against humanity when they get separated out by the rod of correction, in due time.

WE ARE MANY raised up to teach the difference between the holy and Godly laws and the profane. We are here NOW heralding the TRUTH to those who will accept and cling to the TRUTH of the WORD, REPENT AND BE HEALED OF SIGHT. We are the true patriots and loyalists.

* CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE to lawless liars and blasphemers in WASHINGTONS DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS IS OBEDIENCE TO TRUTH, JUSTICE AND YHWH’s one WAY TO LIFE ETERNAL. GOD is TRUTH. Government is NOT GOD and I pledge allegiance to no false gods who think to nullify real law. I am not going down with their false programs of peace and security, news programing, false ungodly laws, edicts, acts, false justice, false hope, false salvation via medical implants and genetic tampering with agendas that are beyond tyrannical. It is on all levels a failed systemic PROGRAM gone mad, run by pathological liars. TAKE DOWN THE false flag of freedom while you still can America. Take a stand.

I have TWO EYES and both see the WHEN WHY WHERE WHAT WHO. Guilty lawless interstellar criminals aka fallen angels continually delivering false messages. SI Exif

Life is in the blood.My three strand umbilical cord may or may not have been breached but I am still standing, speaking and hearing the voice of TRUTH from deep within. I am royal seed of the KING and I have a KINGDOM worth standing for held in escrow in the bank of time…I am going home soon for if the time were not cut short there would be no elect flesh left. I am almost speechless at the amplitude of these criminals and their crimes. ALMOST! HA.

Signs of the Seraphim2 ” Never underestimate the physical presence of the spoken WORD delivered, in vessels of honor raised up and launched forth…”little signs on my little walkabout in circles around the National Mall on December 25, 2010

HPIM1376.JPGMessage the hands of a wo man from under the wings...Z
*This tall “friendly and attractive” officer of the Capitol never spoke during the encounter with me or the other tourists who he was so amicable and willing to POSE for a picture. Not so his real partner sitting in the van…”

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