ADAM K -July 4th,2013 & A TALE of TWO Revolutions- Nathan Leal civil WAR March Visions Connect

Adam Kokesh is free from Federal Incarceration and debates with Alex Jones regarding National JULY 4th protest march planned at U.S. state capitols–

Nathan Leal on Blogtalk Radio 5-31-2013- His discernment regarding the events-     Nathan Leal website –

(My first reaction to hearing about the march was the same as Nathan’s in that it was negative with some confusion…It possibly  is a setup scenario with an ambush opportunity.)Perhaps if they were to incorporate the understanding that the flag must not be raised or flown by the marchers,  the rest of the country would wake up to the root of the evil. The focus is not the gun freedom aspect only… If the marchers use the flag it pollutes the whole attempt at making the wall fall down. It is a Jericho event but is it pure? WWD)

Ezra 10:11 Now therefore make confession unto the LORD God of your fathers, and do his pleasure: and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives(idolatry).

21 verses talking about separation in time-

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