Eating and breathing is hazardous and the google police want to stop us from talking and thinking using FB to dissemimate opinions and facts… of TRUTH

TRUTH  cast down by  by the criminal consortium… DHS and IRS being armed and FEMA Camps being staffed.. Every volcano on the planet is active and earthquakes are non stop causing sink holes everywhere..

Talking and thinking now outlawed by google police…eating and breathing is hazardous to health. People thinking for themselves and in other words,  exercising our inalienable GOD given rights of FREEDOM OF SPEECH by revealing the TRUTH and discussing legitimate vaccine safety concerns and all the other genocidal acts of war being perpetrated against humanity, in hopes of waking them up online is a threat to the establishment…Well of course it is. They don’t want the population to know they are being phased out in the NWO plan where the serpents rule and reign.

I’m sure I’ve already been reported for in person for repeated demonstrations of free speech such as this as I sow my testimony in the Earth:

I am standing by faith knowing I am recorded in the book of life for taking a stand in the valley of decision against these beasts. LION LIKE men who seek to devour the souls of men are known by their rotten fruit and lethal homicidal appetites. They shall vanish away as if a night vision…Go ahead report me google the second death has no affect over me. If I die in this realm it is only to take me away from the evil planned to come.

What is there to lose at this point as these desperate cosmic criminals make their last stand against humanity and FREEDOM?

I say, Choose TRUTH and cling to the only LIFE preserver in sight that leads through the DOOR of Time and LIGHT on the other side of this TRIAL called life.

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