Obamacae is D.O.A.

Obamacare is D.O.A by Stephen Michael Schroeder
  The Supreme Court recently ruled that Obamacare could only be considered Constitutional if it was implemented and enforced by the I.R.S. And since it has recently been revealed that the I.R.S has been targeting Conservative Christians for delay, intimidation, retaliation, denial and persecution, while giving special preferences to Liberals and Muslims…then Obamacare, by law, is… D.O.A.   For what American would trust their health issues to a government as corrupt as this…from the pro-infanticide President, to the lawless Attorney General, to the I.R.S itself…who would trust their health to Obamacare…not the Conservative Christians…if a Conservative Christian and a Liberal Muslim both needed a heart transplant, guess who gets to live, and guess who is rejected and dies?   This government needs to learn the lesson of what happens when you think to assist our enemies and ignore the law, and identify us, target us, label us as the enemy. This government is ‘NOT’ going to get a second chance…neither is the I.R.S who has lost the trust and faith of the American people who have participated in this ‘voluntary’ tax system and betrayed…logic and common sense would demand us to separate from such.   Therefore should conflict ensue from the corruption and lawlessness of this pro-Islam, anti-Christ covert government of the United Nations that thinks itself above the laws of we the people, this government that has defamed our character, and incited hatred and violence against us with their lies about the cause of 911 Benghazi, let history bear witness of the fact that it was Washington, that has betrayed the law, that has targeted us as the enemy first…and the reason for the fall of the United States of America.
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