Bottom line…THIS IS WAR and they have declared it so.

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IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUSIslam has indeed invaded our lands and is currently attempting to change our land into yet another Islamic domain.

If you’re not concerned….then your part of the problem…And you will get what you deserve…count on it. The wages of Apathy is bondage…

Bottom line…
THIS IS WAR and they have declared it so. You can either obey them and stand down while your country men are being mowed down…or you can disobey these direct orders and stand up, speak out, and fight for your life and defense of those who cannot defend themselves. You can fear the consequences and not speak out because you afraid that you may break their laws that they care nothing about, or you can stand up for the Constitution that records our God given rights and freedoms against all enemies foreign or domestic and testify of these crimes they have ‘classified’ as Top Secret…information about the government that reveals that the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is actually History.
Be ye separate. Come out of her my people.

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