Video Forced by the Quran…to kill infidels like you and your children

First the politicians conspire to import plenty of jihadists, Moslem Islamicks  along with all the other illegal ALIENS flooding the US borders.  Remember the border patrol agents incarcerated  for doing the right thing for  doing their job? Concurrently allowing and aiding terrorist groups world wide covertly and allowing domestic enemies to infiltrate this country openly under the guise of military joint maneuvers, training and all kinds of lies like freedom of religion by allowing mosques to be built as they stake out their claims upon this land.

Step 3- Gun control is to disarm the public and make them defenseless against the enemies within especially those Islamic loyalists who are the weapon of choice of the Masonic infiltrators of lawlessness given authority by Washington and this Mystery Babylon is no mystery as those of us with eyes that see how this agenda is  fulfilling scriptures under the guise and deception of a false peace and security…leading to destruction. WWD

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