The End Times…excerpt chapter 2 ” The Founding Frauders

Chapter 2, The Founding Frauder’s from: Stephen Michael Schroeder’s work REDJUSTICE. It is the ‘King’s Matter’ of which I write, for I was sent with the message for them to repent, and to make straight the way of our Kings return. Yet they refused to repent, unfortunately most would repent and with sincere urgency fall on their knees and beg for repentance if only they had known what they were indeed guilty of.

  • This is the true history of this kingdom called Washington. For the truth must now be told, for indeed those who fail to know history are destined to repeat it. It is truth that sets men free, and those whom the Truth sets free, is free indeed. Gods creation perishes for the lack of knowledge, yet it was a tree of knowledge found in the midst of the garden of God, that was forbidden for his creation called man to partake of.
  • This is the knowledge that enlightened the founders of this nation, this forbidden knowledge kept secret from all but the initiated, the making of a nation built in compliance of the serpents mandate found in Revelation 13, a kingdom that could operate behind Gods back, out of sight, out of mind, doing that which other kingdoms had been destroyed for.
  • A city built in which the Creator could not look down upon, for it was a city to honor the the fertility god and goddess of the Canaanites, a city to honor their god and goddess of war, a city built in perpetual sexual union, man had taken Gods creation and changed it into ‘a living thing’ [like the flag according to law], a living thing that was always having sex, with the goddess in her typical sexually superior position atop the erect penis of this god called Bel, the god of Freemasonry.
  • Let’s get into the chapter….by beginning with a prayer from Daniel 2:23… “I thank thee and praise thee, O thou God of my fathers, who hast given me wisdom and might, and hast made known unto me now what we desired of thee: for thou hast now made known unto us ‘the king’s matter.’ There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh know what shall be in the latter days, the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: for iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things and bruise. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people (leased to other nations) but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, (Babylon, Egypt, Rome, and Washington) and it shall stand forever.” So be it.
  • Of Shem’s and Netter’s –Just as there is operative and speculative Freemasonry, (the physical building of towers, cities and fortresses using sacred geometry and forbidden knowledge of forcing the elements to surrender to the will of man, of changing a creation of God into a servant of man, and enabling this enlightened man, who had changed metals and elements into utensils of war. Weapons of iron and brass to kill more effectively, they could also build sacred superstructures that opened doors to spiritual realms.
  • These ‘spiritual’ gateway or doorways built as a city, fashioned after the image of the beast (See obelisk and Capitol of Egyptian god Min, Babylonian Enlil, and Romans Pan) was called a Shem, the transporter of the King, free to travel time and space, a physical building built for the purpose of the spiritual need, to ascend his throne into the heavens.
  • The farmers were also operative and speculative…first they would claim possession of land, clear its trees, remove the stones, then plow the earth, plant the seeds, ensure proper hydration, protect it from predation, constantly struggle to prevent the weeds from killing the crop, hope that flood does not come, pray that fire does not destroy the food that would allow them to survive, food that would give them the energy to work the fields, vegetation that was considered their divine providence.
  • Even after all the work that was involved to provide for oneself (after the curse of Heaven – rather than being provided for, you would have to earn your keep by the sweat of your brow, you would have to become a slave to the earth in order for it to provide for you.
  • The farmers and the Freemasons had a close alliance, for the farmers would clear the fields and after exhausting the soil of its nutrients this land would be ready to build upon these cities built by the masons. The speculative side of farming was the growing of the Neters. Just as the Creator was able to make a living thing from this planet called earth, these ‘speculative’ farmers (also called Canaanites, followers of Cain) realized that they could also create spiritual beings from this earth, by scarification of the earth in special secret patterns, like a tattoo on the back of mother earth, they could bring forth living beings, giants, beings that had left their first station in the heavens and had come down to the earth, into the physical realm to be acknowledged and served as Gods. These special patterns were called the tablets of the planets, or planetary tables, as well as Magic Squares or talisman. Each planet had a ‘magic square’ assigned it, as well as specific metals, colors, sounds, days etc. (All this information about magic squares can be found in detail in the 1st book of Michael or see utubes at: ) By scaring the back of mother earth with these magic squares, they were in effect bringing that planet down to earth and declaring it to be a god and building a sanctuary there upon in honor of that god or goddess whether it be to the Sun, or Moon, or Mars, or Venus, or Mercury, or Saturn or a combination of stars in certain groupings. These kingdoms built upon these magic squares looked like cities built upon the clearings that use to be farmland, but there is a side that you don’t see, a reality only revealed to a Babylonian King through a dream that could only be interpreted properly through a Prophet of the Creator named Daniel. The horrible vision was of this image of a man, yet made from metals, terrible indeed, it was a vision of the Netters, those who came from the earth yet rule in the heavens supreme forcing their influence upon those below.
  • These cities are E. Pluribus Unum one of many, yet united as one, who stands in opposition to the will of the Creator, who thinks through his rebellion he can ascend his throne into the heavens, to make war in heaven, with ‘living cities’, united into States, [like the Neters and their nephilm] united as one government with the authority of God. These speculative farmers (also Freemasons) realized that just as God had made man from the earth, they could not only make men into gods, but could make gods from the earth, to make the creation of god into obedient servants to join them in their rebellion against their own Creator, to turn Gods creation against him.
  • So just as it was in the days of Noah, there were the nomadic shepherds and the city farmers, those who cleared land, and built fortified cities, and made armies by extracting the iron from the earth, and ‘putting iron to the stone’ and making the stairway into the heavens, who worshipped their god with human sacrifices, the blood of their own brother, and obeyed the serpents voice, and built the city, the State that would ascend his throne into the heavens, to challenge the authority of the King.
  • Washington would be the ‘God of earth’, and the State would be his consort, the ‘Queen of heaven’, the goddess of the crossroads, that would be the location for this special doorway, this special sacred union of the Queen of Heaven and the God of Earth.
  • The State is called Indiana, ‘the land of the Indians’ as it was the Capitol of the Confederation of ‘lost’ Tribes, which is why this capitol is called Indianapolis today.
  • They would bring Mars down to the earth, by scaring the earth with the Magic Square of Mars, using a plow of iron, as if the iron was raping the earth, impregnating the earth, the iron that did not belong on the earth but had somehow impacted and impregnated the earth (probably by an ancient impact from Mars) the iron that would be mined (by slaves) and changed into weapons of war, to do the bidding of their god of war and iron, Mars.
  • The once Capitol of the Confederation of Lost Tribes, currently called Indianapolis today is just such a place where the land was laid out in a Sun Square 6X6, and a donation from one of these Sun Squares, a 2X2 ‘Devils Square’ was given to the State of Indiana, called the ‘Donation from the Corporation’ Upon this Donation from the Corporation (the 2X2 square [part of the 6X6 sun square] the State of Indiana designed the ‘Philosophers Stone’ the ‘Tablet of Destiny’ an ancient Babylonian astrological chart also known as a 13 house ‘Birthchart’ of the planets. In the center square of this Babylonian design, at the ‘house of the god’ square #13, center square, the ‘dwelling place’ of the god of the ‘tablet’ the State inscribed at this sacred spot the Magic Square of Mars, a 5X5 square, and on this sacred spot, they built his Shem, the erect penis of the god of war, and on top is his consort Victory, the Mars goddess of war in her sexually superior position on top of Mars erect shaft, inside the Magic Circle, on top the magic square, the physical evidence that even though they claim a separation of church and state, the State has given honor to the god and goddess of war, and have used this sacred spot of earth, to ‘open the earth’ to give birth to the god and goddess of War, right here in Indiana.
  • Even though Mars is just a planet in the heavens, just another countless fragment of Gods Creation, it rules in the celestial realm above man indeed influencing him (just as does the sun and moon and countless others, all doing the bidding of the Creator who set all things into proper motion by his spoke Word) these planets are nothing ‘spiritual’ except on earth where they are considered to be gods, and give these planets their birth as ‘gods’ down here on earth, thus making them gods in the celestial realm. This is the real ‘smoking gun’ the fact that the god of Washington is the same god of his Father Augustus, the Roman god (and goddess) of war, and that this Capitol of the Land of the Indian’s was taken by force and built to give honor to this pagan god and goddess.
  • Thus a Masonic Roman Empire, built by the deception and spells of Freemason’s practicing their ‘Craft’ have built the foretold revived Roman Empire, and restored the pagan pantheon to their proper places of honor, and have taken ‘God’s property by force and murdered ‘his chosen ones’, but Justice will not be denied any longer, and the prophecy of death and destruction coming upon those who committed genocide upon His people and who repented not of their crimes against humanity, but rather were made into heroes and gods by the citizens under their spells.
  • The Triumphal Arch built to honor Lafayette, the old war hero and General of the war against the homeland of Britain. French assisting Masonic long knives determined to restore Rome to its former glory by overthrowing the Crown and establishing a New World Order, to build, revive the Roman Empire, complete with its Capitalism and Polytheism. And so it was a British traitor conspired to rebel against the Crown, and conspired with foreign agents such as General Lafayette and financial backing of the Vatican to establish a Masonic Roman Empire, and make war against the British Protestants, the ‘Saints’, the ‘chosen ones’ of God. Was the bloodshed worth it? The American and French Revolutions, and the blood that was shed upon this earth was not for some new type of government, or some noble idea, but rather a fatal consequence that had happened when Washington disobeyed a Royal Proclamation by the King and went where he should not have gone (or rather he sent another to do it for him, which resulted in the first death due to Washington’s crimes.) It is indeed odd how these stories of major consequence have their reflections in the heavenly matters, especially when you consider the fall of the angels in heaven, and the fall of man on earth, or when you consider the rebellion in heaven against the king and the rebellion on earth against the King. This is the true story of the Founding Frauder’s, and the motivation behind the Nation,THE FOUNDING FRAUDERS. We are all very well aware of the history of America that we were taught in school. Of the noble cause of George Washington and the other ‘great men’ who put their all on the line to establish a new form of government, a Democracy, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, a government that receives its authority from We the People.
  • What most people are not aware of is the real reason for the Declaration of Independence, nor aware of the illegal activities, and crimes against humanity that are still today called ‘noble deeds’ accomplished by ‘great men’. Until we understand the hidden agenda of this Canaanite government disguised as a Democracy, we will be partakers of their evil deeds and suffer their same fate.
  • As explained in the previous chapters, this North Country was inhabited by numerous tribes of Indian’s who had a history of coming to this land from the Middle East region, the place of the pyramids and recalled through ceremonies the escaping by coming across the water on dry sand, onto this ‘Promised Land’. These were the tribes that concerned the King and Queen of Spain during the Spanish Inquisition, wherein they learned of a ‘Paradise’ across the waters, the fabled Garden of Eden, and of certain tribes of Jews who had obtained this promise land of milk and honey. Christopher Columbus was credited for discovering this New World, and the Spanish wasted no time, nor did other European Nations in staking their claim to this land that did not belong to them, but to the Master of Life who had given this paradise to his ‘chosen ones’ The genocide of these Lost Tribes was perpetuated by those whose claims to discovering (and hence owning this land) was threatened by these ‘savages’ claiming to have arrived on this land thousands of years prior. Thus the story of these ‘Orientals coming to this North Country via the Bering straight, rather than the truth that these were the ‘Lost Tribes of Israel, and indeed ‘the chosen ones’ of ancient prophecy, and had been given this land by the Master of Life. God’s property could not be sold, but it could be stolen. The ancient battles between the Canaanites and Israelites could now resume with deception on the side of the Bel worshippers, the Canaanites, with their weapons of iron would invade the promised land and make war on those ‘primitive stone-age savages’ who refused to make metal and had to do battle with the Masonic long-knives with sticks and stones. The civilized verses the savage, and the kingdom would be taken by force. That which belonged to God was to become that which belonged to Washington, the Most Worshipful Master, and Commander in Chief of the United States (Masonic) Military. Iron, the metal of the god of War, (Mars) could be transformed into anything necessary for the job of killing, from the long-knives, to the cannon balls, to the rifled barrels of Masonic Militia snipers, from shackles for slaves, to the chain of Gunter, iron became the lawgiver, the god of earth, just as they consider Mars to be the god of heaven.
  • Consider the fact that this god of war Mars has his place of honor at the Nations Capitol, as does the Roman goddess of war inside, complete with plaque so no mistake is made about it. Mars, the Roman god of war, and Victoria (Venus) the Roman goddess of War are united in Washington D.C., just as this Roman god/goddess are united in downtown Indianapolis. (Read 1st and 2nd books of Michael for detailed evidence) At the Capitol of the Confederation of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the ‘chosen ones’ who were murdered by a Masonic Jihad, a Holy War of Washington, and the place where their Capitol once stood now stands a monument to honor not only the genocide and crimes committed against humanity on this land, but to illegally honor this Roman god and goddess of war, in such shameless and obscene fashion (the war goddess (Ishtar) in her typically sexually superior position (13-center square) on top the erect penis of the god of earth (Obelisk) of Mars (5X5 Magic Square of Mars) in sexual fertilizing union. The ancient Bel worshipping Canaanites have gotten out of control, and have been allowed to practice their Craft, and have bewitched you, that you should believe a lie, and have you trusting and obeying that which you were warned to remain separate from. They have you calling evil good, and good evil. You obey Washington and disobey God. You have been trapped in a snare of deception (they’ve been combining the pure and profane again producing the spell of strong delusion) and you give praise, honor, and glory to wicked evil servants of the serpent, and call their deeds ‘glorious’. The god of war has become the god of earth, the god of Washington, the reason why there is no peace on earth…because the god they serve, is the god of War, Mars.
  • The ancient tribes adhered to the warning of the Creator that iron and brass are corrupters of man, and put not iron to the stone, did not build towers to honor man or some celestial being, did not have slaves to mine the ore, nor jails with iron bars, but relied on the Master of Life to provide for them, which he did without the need to put the iron into the earth to force it to produce, no longer needing to earn a living from the sweat of their brow, but simply to enjoy the paradise that had been prepared for ‘his chosen ones’ those who obey His voice.
  • This god of War, is that same voice of God that the President claims speaks through him, like when he claimed, “I’m a war President, I make decisions with war on my mind.” We all see the current State of the Union, but let’s go back to the beginning of this matter. Be it French or English blood, it all tastes the same to the god of War. Through the warfare of man, and the shedding of blood, the god of earth ascends into the heavens to make war with He who sits on the throne, to make war in Heaven, his eyes fixed on the Northeast ‘portal’ (Notice the banner of Mars…it’s a ‘double standard’ a split tail ‘forked tongue’ the same ‘Netter’ (god) of the Egyptians, the same Netter of Washington (See Great Seal) the same god of the Egyptians, the enemy of the Tribes. The Egyptian word for these celestial beings were called the Neters, “One who Watches” and the hieroglyph for these celestial ‘watchers’ was what we call today a flag or banner. (Notice the same split tailed banner declaring the New World Order.)
  • THE END TIMES Q. What will be the sign of the End? A. It will be as in the days of Noah. (In the days of Noah, in the time before the flood, the Great Grandfather of Noah [the 7th from Adam] Enoch had been transported into another realm and saw the mysteries of how there were indeed other paths leading into the heavens, portals and doorways going up and down into the earth.
  • Enoch was witness to how some of these ‘watchers’ had left their first domain and came down into the physical realm to have ‘intercourse’ with this newest creation of God (called Mankind) and to ‘influence’ the destinies of man, and to have this new creation join them in their rebellion against the King, to obey these ‘fallen ones’ and disobey the Creator, and make the kingdom (the Shem) that will exalt the Neters into the heavens, to make war in heaven with the King.
  • As in the days of Noah, the Netters or the followers of the Neters are busy making these doorways and portals, a superhighway between realms, and these Neters know that their time is up… Now that their ‘secret’ is out to the uninitiated, so they go forth and for the final onslaught of humans killing humans, shedding blood much to the delight of their god/goddess of war.
  • There is ample evidence in these books to prove that the days of Noah are upon us, and the prophet Enoch saw in his visions and visitations that which is taking place again today, in the same location, and reveals the doorway and its celestial visitors coming down to take control of matters, having disregarded the Creators warning to be separate, they declared their Independence from His authority, and made war upon the King…on earth, as it was in Heaven. The age-old battle between the builder/farmers and the Nomad/shepherds continues to this day, as seen in this 1904 poster of Teddy Roosevelt as the Apostle ‘farmer’. Great shalt thou be through peasant toil. This was the jealousy of Cain, the jealousy that the Indians did not toil by the sweat of their brow, but rather had time to play, hunt, fish, and enjoy family and friends, things reserved for the royal and wealthy class of Europeans, always being provided for as if a ‘chosen people’ not under the curse of the fall of man from Paradise, for they had never left Paradise, and such was the jealousy of Cain, the farmer against Abel, his brother the shepherd, and was alive and well repeating the story of the farmer/builder blue blood who murdered his brother, for he coveted the life of ease (just like back in the garden) his brother enjoyed, while he labored hard in the field to force the earth to produce, while it seemed as if God always accepted Abel’s offerings of thanksgiving, it seemed Cain’s vegetation offering was rejected. But Cain’s offering was not rejected by all, it was gladly accepted (as it had always done in the past histories of Babylon and Egypt.) by the serpent, the official offering to the god/king the male/female city/state god of war, and so Cain slew his brother, just as Washington committed genocide against these ‘chosen ones’ of the Master of Life. For it was the spirit of Cain, the jealousy of Cain that his brother seemed to be provided for and blessed, having all things provided him without the sweat of his brow, that he enjoyed the free time to enjoy his family and creation, while he had to toil hard as if in bondage to compel the earth to provide for him. It is not by chance that the Freemasonic Founders were all slave owners, for even though they spoke of the nobility of work and the sin of doing nothing, they themselves were above doing the labor they felt the Indians should be doing for them.
  • But let’s go back to the beginning of the history of this land of the Indian’s called Indianapolis, and its Capitol, Indianapolis. Indianapolis is named such for it was at one time the Capitol of the Confederation of Tribes, the ‘chosen ones’ the Lost Tribes of Israel, mostly Shawnee and Cherokee, but numerous other tribes united in their religious belief…that the long-knives were not like the others (Spanish, French, or British) but were the very sons of the serpent, doing the will of the serpent, for it is ‘his’ voice they hear and obey, it is the voice of their ‘Father’ (The Father of Lies – Lucifer.) Indiana, the Land of the Indians, the Capitol of the Confederation, taken by force, the Confederation defeated in battle by William Henry Harrison, the first Governor of the Indiana Territories (also called the Northwest Territories) and who would later become the 9th President of the United States, for his accomplishment of taking possession of a land, a land that belonged to the Master of Life and had given to his children, ‘his chosen ones’ this Land of the Indian, and destroyed the Capitol of; a religious movement that identified Washington and his associates as fallen angels and anti-christs.
  • But let’s get to the beginning, to the real reason for this War of Independence, of the real motivation behind this nations founding. We must not perish for a lack of knowledge, and knowledge means to get to the foundation of something. We must look at the foundation to see if this house will stand in the coming storm. We must recall, we must remember, lest how shall we repent? What shall we repent of so that this destruction may be avoided? This story will reveal the crimes committed against humanity and its creator. Washington had to be the leader in the war, for it was his original idea to rebel against the Royal Proclamation made by the King that resulted in the death of a British officer and sealed Washington’s destiny. Washington had no choice but to declare war against the Crown, for Washington had been revealed as a traitor and would be punished accordingly. Jefferson (Whose land acquisitions were greater than the rest combined) thought it not prudent to include such an obvious statement of motivation as it might become difficult to get the commoner to fight a war knowing he is fighting for the interests of wealthy greedy land companies, thus the opening of the declaration was changed from its original ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of land’ to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ Even though the original intent for the declaration of Independence was indeed and without a doubt motivated by the coveting of land by wealthy land speculators and businessmen, the wording of the Constitution must not make it so obvious that the common man would not feel compelled to support a cause that benefits him not, for the cold hard fact was that while not everyone had money to buy land, everybody did desire to be happy.
  • “As long as there is Freemasonry in the land there can be no true Democracy, as long as Freemasonry is not only acceptable but part of the government there can be no justice in the land. As long as America serves and obeys the god of Freemasonry, the god of war, death, and destruction, America will know no peace.” Michael. “THE 2nd COMING OF TECUMSEH” A German Cherokee with a ‘touch’ of Shawnee, his Indian name was ‘Tecumseh- Speaks’, and was considered the ‘White Buffalo’ the Spiritual leader (Prophet) of the remnant tribes of Israel, who restored to his people the memory of the old ways that the Master of Life smiled upon, and insisted that we perform (the Passover) to remember who it was that brought us out of the land of bondage, as well as who it was, and is, who had us in their bondage, and who it was who restored to us our freedom, and indeed gave us this promised land, this Paradise, the very garden of the Creator, the Master of Life.
  • The sole purpose of this story is to establish Justice so that the world may not have to be totally destroyed, nor totally lost, that this history may not repeat itself, and this tragedy may never again have to be played out. This land belongs to the Master of Life, and had given it to his ‘chosen ones’ who pleased him by acknowledging their dependence upon Him alone, and obeyed His instructions, and heeded His warnings, (like ‘brass and iron are corruptors of men’) and had separated themselves from those who hate the laws of the Creator and obey the will of the serpent. These ‘chosen ones’ who had separated themselves from the other nations, (the tribes who did not want to be like all the other Nations – having a King, a physical representation of God on earth) wandering the earth, just passing through, these nomadic shepherds, these chosen ones, who had crossed the bodies of water on dry land, had come into this land which God had promised to give them. The land is not, was not, nor ever shall be the possession of any Governor or Government, for this land belongs God, and to those he had originally given it to, His ‘chosen ones’ those who refused to surrender their ‘sacred land’ that held the bones of their ‘great ones’ for even if they wanted to sell the land, they could not, because it was not theirs to sell, for it is as they claimed, God had given them the land, and they indeed were the ‘chosen ones’ who would be ‘justified’ in the defense of the Jihad of Washington’s Masonic Militias, who were called by my people, the ‘Long Knives’.
  • While speaking on The Edge radio show, my host, Daniel relayed a vision a prophet had while flying over Indianapolis. I asked for the meaning of this vision knowing of course the answer would come, and it did, and I myself could not believe this ‘history of Indiana’ and the crimes against humanity committed here, not only against human beings but the very ‘chosen ones’ of the Creator, a genocide of the Lost Tribes of Israel. This is the meaning of the vision, of the earth crying out for justice, the history of Indiana, is a story that could not be told without convicting the Founding Frauder’s of crimes against humanity, crimes that make Hitler look like a cub scout in comparison. Here is the meaning of the vision…this land is indeed crying out for justice. The earth is petitioning the Creator to destroy these ‘alien invaders’ who seek to destroy her, and devour her flesh, the earth is crying out for Justice, sending a ‘signal’ to the Universal White Blood Cells to come to the assistance of God’s creation and rid that which is not of the body, but a parasitic plague that seeks to destroy the body, and turn the Creations (like planets and stars) of God against him, to join in the rebellion against the Creator. The land is indeed crying out for justice, for on this land, impressed upon this soil called Indiana is a path, a trail that began here in Indiana, a trail of the original occupants who were marched off their lands at bayonet point, called the trail of death. Similar to the famous Trail of Tears, (the history of the forced exile of the original occupants, the Cherokee from their homelands, down a trail of tears into forced extinction, i.e. genocide) the Trail of Death is the path my people had to walk during the winter months, forced to march or die, as so many did along the way, it is called the Trail of Death, a trail that began here in Indiana, where all those of Indian blood was to be expelled at gunpoint out of the Indiana territories, also called the Northwest territories. This is the petition of one of those voices still crying out for Justice, the voice of one targeted for destruction by Washington’s Holy War (Jihad). The voice of the spiritual ‘High Priest’ the Prophet and Chief of the Lost Tribes of Israel (called the ‘Confederation’). It is this voice that got my attention, and you will see, as I have seen for myself, the validity of his petition, and of his claim that this government of Washington is indeed the government of the servants of the serpent. Nobody talks about the 1st Civil War, wherein the ‘International’ Masonic Brotherhood took to arms against its own King, an armed insurrection and civil war, wherein brother would be killing brother, yet justified as a War of Independence, to establish a New Government that derives its authority from the people rather than authority that is declared by some British Protestant King, while in reality nothing could be further from the truth. The reasons given to justify this armed overthrow of the British Crown are petty and trifling at best when compared to that which is taking place today, and if the justification was that the King George was an incompetent idiot, then the same claim could stand today. It is indeed interesting how history repeats itself, and the doomed are those who can’t remember what they should have learned from the experience. Let’s get right to the facts. This is the story that I had never heard in my 13 years of education, and even today if you look up the reasons given for the War of Independence the real reason for the bloodshed is not even mentioned. When you review old school textbooks nothing is mentioned of the ‘original’ rebellion, and the cause of the Revolution against the Crown. The early colonies had been infected by wealthy, ‘enlightened’ merchants and business men who had joined the secret society of Freemasonry, whose only true loyalty was not to the King or their Country, but rather to the fraternity and their own financial interests. It is no secret of the influence the Roman College of Artificers had on the founders, and the assistance given to the Freemasons in America by the Roman Catholic French and other enemies of the Protestant British Empire, who also desired the land to revive the Pagan Roman Empire in this North Country, a kingdom of, by, and for Freemasonry. The catalyst, the main reason for the rebellion of Washington and the other founders were the common denominator that they made their vast wealth from their business in land speculation, (that is to say, to measure the land, then patent the map, so it could be bought or sold as a proper deed or title to the land, as evidence of who ‘legally’ owned the land). 1756- John William de Brahm a surveyor sent to build a fort (trading post) on the Little Tennessee River (in Cherokee country) reported “Their valley’s are of the richest soil, equal to manure itself, impossible in appearance ever to wear out…Should this country once come into the hands of the Europeans, they may with propriety call it the American Canaan” he goes on, This country seems longing for the hands of industry to receive its hidden treasures, which nature has been collecting since the beginning ready to deliver them up.” It became a common belief that the Indians were the Canaanites while the Masonic Europeans were depicted (as on Benjamin Franklin’s proposal for the Great Seal) as the ‘chosen ones’ coming across the Atlantic via parted walls of water like the early Israelites France had control over the lands west of the Appalachians as England had the colonies and Spain had the south gulf port areas. The French forbid any Protestants from settling in these lands that belonged to the Indian Tribes, however it did allow certain land businesses to go into these lands to set up ‘trading posts’ or forts and certain people made considerable amounts of wealth by speculating on lands, measuring them and claiming a patent on the map of the land that could then be sold as easily as handing the map over for currency. When Britain won control over this Northwest Territory, the King issued a Royal Proclamation forbidding any further land speculations in this area as not to molest or disturb the Indian tribes who dwelt there, and the previous ‘settlements’ of these land businesses had to remove themselves from this land that was not lawfully theirs. It was this Royal Proclamation that caused Washington and the other land speculators to conspire others to join in their rebellion to the crown and declare their Independence from the Crown and go into the Indian Territories and take the land by force. The idea that the Protestant Crown now in control of Canada and the Northwest territories combined with the Confederation of Tribes now embracing the Protestants view of Washington, became a threat to both Rome and Freemasonry. Washington and others (who would later be called the founding fathers) who were to lose money by this royal proclamation were encouraged by Washington to join him in his conspiracy to overthrow the Crown. The French, who Washington had originally fought against as a British officer, now would offer their assistance to Washington, as Rome would in its financing of his overthrow of the British Crown, since all three had the same enemy, the Protestants and the Confederation of Tribes.
  • This is how it all began. The King of England declared a Royal Proclamation that there would be no further encroachment upon the Tribes and forbid any land speculation, surveying or mapping of this land. Washington was the first to be recorded to rebel against the authority of the Crown and the original conspirator who convinced a fellow officer (though ‘secret’ correspondence) to join him in his ‘daring undertaking’ to rebel against the King and to go into the Kings Paradise and force His ‘chosen ones’ to bow and serve him, to take the kingdoms by force and to utterly destroy the ‘chosen ones’. Then there is Benjamin Franklin, which many surprisingly believe was one of Americas Presidents. Benjamin Franklin is on the currency as all the other ‘dead’ Presidents yet he was never President. So why is Franklin so important? Franklin was England’s Postmaster to the colonies, which meant he had access to all the mail correspondence. Combine this information gathering monopoly with the fact that Franklin had the media market as well, being the printer of the newspapers; Franklin had the power to not only have access to information, but also the distribution thereof. Franklin was ordered to appear in court (the Privy Council) brought up on charges of attempting to cause disorder and chaos publishing propaganda against the authority of the Crown and inciting rebellion against the Crown [this happening as a result of the Boston Tea Party] Franklin was stripped of his office as postmaster as a result of the evidence presented. While Franklin was busy reading other peoples mail, Franklins mail was also being opened and read, and Franklin was found guilty of formulating acts of treason. Knowing it was only a matter of time before the whole scope of the conspiracy would be exposed [that a revolution was being formulated by wealthy land speculators and those who desired the wealth of the land in the timber industry, the agriculture, and the mines.] And that he would surely be hung as a traitor, Franklin fled to his safe-haven, France, and established the Revolutionary War headquarters in Paris. [Note: Ninety percent of the gunpowder used by Washington’s army was supplied by France] Both Franklin and Jefferson urged the use of physical violence (terrorism) in rebellion to authority they perceived and claimed as unjust, and physical violence became the norm in Europe and bloodshed and anarchy became rampant, the time of the Kings was coming to an end. Now man would be governed by the consent of the people, democracy would be established upon the earth, a New World Order, or so the people would believe. As you will see, those who claimed their lawlessness was justified in order that Democracy could be established were the very ones who had no need for Democracy could care less about the will of the people, and some founding frauder’s like Hamilton would go as far as call Democracy a curse. Democracy is their justification for their crimes against humanity, yet Democracy to these founding frauder’s was necessary only for the deception of the masses, the servants who would fight for what they perceived as freedom, and Liberty, and that they had a say in matters, and were getting something out of their servitude. Spain had lost its supremacy of the seas, and Rome was feeling the pinch. The British defeated the Spanish Armada in physical battle, and the remaining retreating fleet was destroyed by a ‘Natural’ disaster, a divine wind. The French was the last hope of the Pope, and with the help of Freemasonry, and Islam the Protestant Crown could be defeated. The Freemasons owned the seas and Franklin went forth joining every lodge he could to unite them all under the cause of overthrowing the British Crown and establishing a Masonic empire, a rebuilt Roman Empire where their pagan pantheon could once again be the law of the land. It’s important to remember that what today is called Freemasonry was once called Bel Ashtoreth, worship, that these wealthy elite were the Canaanites of old, the arch enemy of Israel. If you keep this fact in mind you will more easily understand the motivation behind this rebellion of wealthy land speculators to the Kings Royal Proclamation. Franklins suggestion of the Great Seal of Authority was an engraving of the red sea crossing symbolizing the coming of Masonic Europeans as the ‘chosen ones’ of God claiming their promised land, (thus making the current inhabitants of this land the founders so coveted the savage Canaanites that must be eradicated from the land) was accepted as the duty of good Christians to support the troops. Just as the Boston Tea Party was a group of Freemasons disguised as Indians to send a message to the King about how they felt about his Royal Proclamation to protect the Indians, this practice of Masons disguising themselves as Indians to commit crimes against colonist [especially colonists who opposed Freemasonry or their causes] became common practice and was quite effective is silencing the opposition while at the same time motivating the citizens to call for action against the Indian savages. This terrorism was so effective the name Husher was given to those in this area who were effective in silencing those who had something critical to say about how their fellow man was being treated.
  • French and British Freemasons more loyal to the Brotherhood of Death than to the Crowns of Kings became independent from Royal Decrees and Freemasonry disguised itself as Liberty, Freedom, and Justice and began this final kingdom of man called Washington. The Empire would be built in compliance to the Serpents voice and once established, once born its birth would be celebrated throughout the ages. July 4th is a very sacred day to Freemasons for it is the birth or rising of the star Sirius, associated with the Egyptian god of secret or forbidden knowledge Thoth [which may be why the delusional Thomas Jefferson always signed his name THO Jefferson, using only the first three letters to symbolize his role] and this star Sirius was also considered the guardian and consort of the goddess Isis, also called Ishtar by the Babylonians. Not only would July 4th be a national holiday signifying the birth of the nation that was to be considered the god of enlightenment, but the city itself would be built as the city of their celestial god/goddess. The cornerstone of the Capitol or temple to this Masonic god was laid in typical Canaanite Bel worshipping tradition of wine oil and grain. The Capitol was positioned on the east-west axis to correspond with the arc of the sun, and the Capitol itself placed where the equinoctial and solstice points meet, a place where light and darkness are equal in strength, the doorway the Babylonians called the gate of God, the stairway from the heavens. The ‘Path of Re’ would come from this Capitol and run west to another sacred spot, a place where the sun and moon unite, the Meridian and this east-west ‘Path of Re’ today called the National Road, or what Indiana calls Washington street. At this sacred union of sun and moon a foundation would be laid, one magic square upon another like the tower of Babel, and a Masonic monument would be placed to honor their Roman god/goddess of War, and thus the doorway would be complete, and the apotheosis of the Founder and his followers could be completed. First the Freemasons had to throw off the authority of the Protestant King of England, as well as the Protestant Germans who were being embraced by the Indians as lost brothers, then this sacred promised land could be taken by force and the kingdom of Freemasonry established and once again the gods and goddesses of old could once again rule the earth.
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