666 Kings of the earth- Hive minds and the power of the beast beast beast now in power

TEMPLE%20MOUNT%20MOSQUE%20merge6 first time, 6second time, and 6 now explained  in simple terms.

In the beginning God….(6 is the number of man)

Genesis 6  is about the incursion of fallen angels and now at the end of the age it is the third incursion of brute beasts! Simultaneously it is the 4th beast kingdom of the little wannabe god aka Lucifer, who puts himself in place of GOD the real Lawgiver and creator and owner of creation…read the book the testimony is clearly preserved  the WAR ON TERROR is a mirror of the WAR ON MANKIND and CREATION of the Heavens and Earth…

Genesis 11 is the record of the Tower of Babel- Confusion aka the staircase to the Throne the DOOR WAY of a consolidated ONE WORLD ORDER Earth Takeover the stepping stone to the stars for the condemned convicted fallen angels traveling in time illegally. They are AWOL having left their first estate and the BIBLE is their arrest warrant for all with eyes to see the real situation of the WHY there is so much lawlessness abounding by those destroying Earth. They are illuminated all right by the angel of death, who appears as an angel of light and goes by many names…legion of the secret societies and the false constructs of religious bondage.

Masons form the chain and staircase, by their oaths and allegiance to Allah and Lucifer at the 32/33 degree….They are not free or accepted except by the enslaved and deceived. Allah in Hebrew means lawlessness.

Catholic Regalia/Islamic Dome of the Rock graven image= The Dragon /beast explained in pics worth a 1,000 words. Self proclaimed catholic  POPES  ARE MAN MADE  ENTITIES OF A CORPORATION CREATED OUT OF LIES, NOT christs vicar on Earth,  THEY ARE  TOGETHER WITH ISLAMIC MESSENGERS  IN LEAGUE WITH the angels of Lucifer, WHO HAVE COME TO steal the souls and bodies of men, kill, and destroy. The common MO of a criminal IS ONE who uses forced conversion, jihad and INQUSITION. SCRCIPTURES reveal it all and confirm the evidence presented revealing the TARES at the end of the age NOW and I say remember this: They are angry and will stop at nothing to destroy mankind and they know the rules of engagement. They get one hour . Scriptures left for our instruction and edification reveal the story playing out of the War in Heaven, THE MOTHER OF ALL WARS AND HARLOTS AKA WAR GODDESS.  There is nothing new under the Sun and time will be cut short lest no flesh be saved as it is written and we the real people of the Law, shall wake up after being made to stand in silence for, ONE HALF HOUR AS THE CREATION TIMECLOCK IS RESET AND THOSE WHOSE NAMES ARE WRITTEN INTO THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE REJOICE HAVING BEEN BORN AGAIN FROM ABOVE SPIRITUAL JERUSALEM. Nothing has stayed hidden and the WORD is the living law in this land of the walking dead where we must be born again to go through the door. Hold onto your faith with the Knowledge and Wisdom and Understanding given to such as those who have studied to show themselves approved and found standing for Truth to the end. The remnant who by faith and patience are the real patriots,  the saints- called and chosen who have the testimony of the son of man our salvation crossover door way- the first of first fruits who opened the MATRIX for us. http://www.show-notes.info/thisisit4321/gallery3/index.php/2014/MAY/RADIO-SHOW—THURSDAY-MAY-29-2014

Rev 16:14

For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

Rev 17:13

These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
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