About TIME.. FINALLY some GOOD news. U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge!


I wonder where my MONROE County Sheriff stands regarding his oath and loyalty to uphold it when it comes to taking a stand for us here in NYS … I might need to pay him a little visit one of these days soon to ask him…We know where the NYS Gov. stands- forcing and allowing the same sex marriage laws be enacted and contrary to YHWH common law and common sense and not what we the people want or will be forced to submit to, at least some of us. Actions reveal much about why the oppression of the slaves is ramping up. THEY KNOW THEIR TIME IS SHORT AND IT REALLY IS ABOUT TIME. Is it any wonder that we are now seeing the fruit of allowing our state gov. to allow a goddess called Libery to sit in its main harbor gate for so long DECIEVING THE PEOPLE WITH A SPELL OF STRONG DELUSION AND BLIND PATRIOTISM; not recognised for who and what she represents? Talk about a lying sign and wonder. A gift from French Free MASONS! AND ALL because the people have forgotten the instructions of the covenant law, to not make the graven images or bow down to them in reverence and Forgetting to follow and REMEMBER all the basic 10 commandments of the old covenant Torah laws, leads to death and destruction. Is it any wonder this country is being destroyed from within? http://politicalvelcraft.org/2011/10/29/walking-tall-stop-tsa-cold-by-tennessee-county-sheriffs-federal-homeland-security-tsa-agents-under-the-rubric-state-of-tennessee-are-violating-your-constitutional-rights/
A country run by Masons whose 32nd and 33ed degree oath is to Allah and Lucifer.
Unlawful mandates are being decreed by tyrants dressed up as politicians almost non-stop these days so it seems….time for all these lawless rebels to go…we know them by their fruit and it is rotten and smells to the HIGHEST Heaven where true authority lies and where our true citizenship awaits for those of us who are counted worthy to espcape all these things…aka overcomers willing to take our stand for Truth. NO ONE TAKES OUR LIFE from us for many of us are already more spirit than we are flesh, having crossed over from death to life and so what can they really do to us? We are new creations born again not by the will of man. SEALED no matter what happens to the tabernacle of flesh in which we temporarily reside.


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