Blind Patriotism- the strong delusion of lawlessness,Sedition,Treason and the ISLAMic Obamanation standing where he should not be, causing desolation

The True religion of Washington is Islam and the reason they are aiding the enemy and with a complicit justice department that is and has been allowing such things! An open seminar and recruitment conference for soldiers to -(WAR AGAINST US held out in the open) and declaring the Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam held in Illinois 2009. Link

Islam is really a religous war machine for the god of forces a beast with many heads and who is hell(darkness) bent(crooked) on a jihad of world conquest to overthrow any and all governments and to use deadly force against people who are infidels by their codes includes anyone not Islamic or bowing and serving or worshipping their lawless god of this world known by many names, like ALLAH or Lucifer who masquerades as an angel messenger of light. That’s the MO of the adversary so it is any wonder or lying sign and wonder that our government is changing the times and laws? It’s no secret for those with eyes and ears and if you got the second touch of clear sight, you can really see the depth of this war being waged and it is against the only begotten son and those of us in HIS family who are considered infidels worthy of death for our belief and loyalty to HIM. We don’t need no more proof so it is only a courtesy that I take the time to try to pull a few of you through the gate and out of the firey trials.
Here below is linked some interesting audio for those who don’t feel the need to stop up their ears and can handle the TRUTH.Christopher Alexander, I think was a previous US attorney who has been writing books revealing details aboutObama and all the subversive activiteis and groups that have been allowed to set up shop here and make merchandise of us: I have not found to much info about him but on his audio interviews he refers to his books, “The Audacity of Hope and on p 261 and he records Obama saying, “I will side with Muslims” and “Islam guides my conviction.” And another book Two Justices Truth Political Answers Dangerous Times Ahead, revealing Obama for who and what he stands.. including Obamas trip to Egypt in 2010 nicely documented on niletv and at:

Most troubling to me is that, Christopher Alexander also said, George Washington is his and this countries hero along with the other founding frauders. There is clear evidence that in reality they were nothing more than traiters, murders and thieves rebelling against their King…Nothing different that what is ongoing now except it is the KING OF KINGS that the real war is being waged on with the conquest being the entire constellation and universe! What a parallel and controversey to above and below and how we are all caught in the snare come upon the whole world not really understanding the depth of the adversaries we are fighting and who are not all flesh and blood.

All in all very interesting audio for the details he has recorded and revealed on the radio shows listed below. Not that we who saw all this coming before the election of Obama revealed simpley in his name, Barak Hussein Mohammed Obama, which reveals he is, a praised glorified royal Islamic one, like a crooked zigzagging serpent that fell like lightening. A serpent who did a “do over” when taking his oath of commander in the Trojan horse of Egypt or Greecia and princes of Persia that many of us even though only a remnant, could clearly see for the weapon he truly is and making ready to unload on us from within…
We shall stand to the end say about 7,000 of us, always in reserve in the Earth, the royal seed of the teil tree, tithe of 10%.
The Obama & Islamic plan to destroy America Pt.1
The Obama & Islamic plan to destroy America Pt.2

Seems to me if people would look at all the evidence they could connect the dots of what is really revealed in Genesis and genetic tampering especially in Gen 6, by fallen angels/men, The revelations in the Book of Enoch that reveals they descended. It is all for our instruction and it is left for us as the instructions to follow as LIVING WORD leading to life immortal the prize at the end of the race we all strive for and the reason why it is imperitive to bee, not just hearers only, faith with out workzz is dead, and to be off of milk and on solid food is neccessary, so as able to stand and separate from this last beast kingdom foretold to come so as not to be counted among those who wander out of the WAY of UNDERSTANDING and are left to remain in the congregation of the dead(Psalms 21) and to be able to see from looking at all the evidence available that: George Washington is not a hero like Mr Alexander still thinks as he stated in his audio interview and that GW was a liar, no matter how many times they tell the lie. I hope Mr. Chris Alexander will look into this evidence to bee more fully informed how deep the rabbit hole goes as difficult as it all is.

It is often forgotten and a little known fact and in the public record; that George Washington recorded a night visitation by an angel of light GODDESS and he like Mohammed who also had a night visitation by a messenger angel posing as and identifying himself as Gabriel, forcing him to recite is also publicly recorded if you can still find the information..
The bible records the abilities of those who are flesh and bone (without blood who like Christ was and is Spirit) and who after his resurrection showed us the ability to appear as a gardener and choosing to not be recognised for who and what He IS at will. People need to wake up to see the god of forces,(force) god of this world, is still at work deceiving, as the millenia of time is coming to a close, on this chapter of the story and need consider just how powerful this adversary really is against us. The ability to deceive mankind while working from another place and time..Many people these days do report forced abductions and contacts or visionary experiences of jinn or alien beings whether of military mind control or not it is all against their will for most and indicative of the adversary especially when reported as genetic harvesting victims, just like in the days of Noah …with nothing new under the sun..yet.

All we can do now is stand for Truth and separate to avoid the plagues while we await our promised redemption…faith comes by hearing and HEARING COMES BY THE LIVING WORD. Overcomers have the testimony of the only begotten son and obey the commandments…not bowing and serving other gods…the real lawgiver showed us the Way to Life being the GATE and LEGAL DOOR to immortality no matter what our dna or what really happened way back when there was a god and a LORD GOD in the garden for the gift is free to all who seek it; being born again from above and made a new creation by the Great Spirit, who wishes none to perish. We are all in the battle being waged against, the last adversary, death. Transgression of the law leads to death and some of us are on the front lines speaking out the Truth that dispels the lies as our LIGHT that resides within cannot be hid or extinguished. There is no defense against the Truth.


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