Christmas Holy Day is a Christ-less MASS MIND CONTROL PROGRAM aka doctrines of men and (rebellion is as the sin of withchraft)

“The love of MONEY is the root of all evil.”
December 25th is the ancient day of saturn worship of the winter solstice; aka (worshpping the creation more than the creator.) Worshiping or having reverence to this day is disobedience to the law; HAVE NO OTHER GODS and it is Blashphemy of the HOLY set apart Great SPIRIT of the author and finisher of our LIFE the Righteous and TRUE LAWGIVER whose name is YAHUAH,(YHWH). Evil men are amongst us having INSERTED the LIE, in the place of worship(fear and reverence)by mixing the holy remembrance of the Messiahs birth with the profane worship of the winter solstice, aka the suns rebirth date in the heavens; it produces THE STRONG DELUSION WE ARE WARNED ABOUT for those who love and make a lie. IT IS THE SNARE THE WHOLE WORLD IS CAUGHT UP IN. Overcomers have had the second touch of sight restored and see this deception from having compared scripture to scripture and rightly dividing the TRUTH and looked at all evidence and are able to separate and come out of this mass mind control program, set forth by the god of forces deceiving mankind for eons now. Time is short. Come out and bee separate from heathen practices, so as not to partake of the plagues. Stop loving the lie and doctrines of men more than your maker. Hear and do. Repent and be made whole while the door is still open. There is only one WAY through the STAR GATE if you wish to shine as such…Think about it. My hope is that none shall perish but they do…”My people perish for lack of knowledge…” and many shall hear the words, “I never knew you.” Do you love your christless christmas tree more than me? Do you not know you bow down before it every time you take a gift from under its branches? Take from me the free gift and my yoke of binding and I shall carry your burdens and my yoke is easy. Come all who thirst for I give drink eternal…nothing is staying hid and MY brethern and family are those who love(obey) MY COMMANDMENTS. The way is broad that leads to destruction and the way that leads to life is narrow and few there bee who find it. COME!The TRUTH MAKES MEN FREE. The kingdom is within and “I will come and make my abode with you. I and MY Father are ONE. Come all who thirst.” Those who know me hear my voice and follow…”


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