Tokens/ Intercessions/Prophecy & prophets don’t need to remote view by divination…

The called and chosen messengers of the Lawgiver are watching…

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Tokens, intercessions, prophecy-Gods messengers don’t need to remote view. The called and chosen have divine dreams, they do exploits. “listen to part 2 and hear. The dream of the pagan goddess statue Liberty is decapitated by the invisible hand of YHWH…the writing is/has been written on the wall… we can trust no one or take anything at face value- there are many layers of deception woven in with Truth and if it were possible even the “elect” shall be deceived. Cling to TRUTH and separate from the evil tide overtaking the world- do not be swept away…STAND having done all. Just say no more war Washington and stop pledging allegiance to a foreign nation who is both a domestic and foreign enemy clearly preparing for our genocide as a natural creation with FREE will…Overcomers are overcome and yet we are the called and chosen who will be found worthy by faith which transcends this space and time which shall dissipate as if a night vision…Whether a whistleblower is being used, mindcontrolled or not the valley of decision still demands we choose a side…choose this day life. There is only one door of entry to Salvation. Truth stand for it and die for it if necessary. Truth is Eternal and there is no defense or weapon that will prevail against it. WWD

6/12/13(Listen to part two for the teaching on tokens…)
Watchman’s Cry:
News from the Wall Program #15
“The Approaching Civil War!” Show Topics: How will it play out? Why will it happen? Which forces are behind it? Prophetic glimpses of judgment – tokens, parables and signs. Also included is an examination of the recent NSA whistleblower & what the disclosure could mean. Is Edward Snowden a hero or is he being used?

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