Take Down the Flag America Campaign- Sending Washington a “little” message from We the People.

Choose freedom America. Forced healthcare is not freedom. Take down the idol flag of Washington who is not our God or our Father. Exercise your non-violent, peaceful, protest-ant separatist rights! Silent Showdown is now, March 23, 2012 till March 23, 2013 when NDAA is set to go in effect. It is not just about higher or lower costs, or forced coverage for contraception and abortion. It is about freedom lost! Yours and mine. Real Patriots take a stand for the good of all. Take down those flags now, America. The books of life are still open. Our works do follow us in this spiritual matrix we find ourselves in.

My Declaration of Independence Pt 1/2 http://youtu.be/OuqcF9VM9c8

Pt 2 http://youtu.be/d-twVX933tE

On March 16th just one week earlier-Quietly, and with little fanfare, President Obama signed a “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order. President Obama’s order, however, takes things much, much further.

(1) The order vastly expands the role of Homeland Security…
(2) The order further provides for an effective nationalization of the entire US economy in the event of an emergency

“National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order Shock Obama Move Gives All Water in America To US Military posted by TheTotalCollapse.com on March 24, 2012

How much more evidence do you need America? Total and forced conversion through healthcare, emergency preparedness, workforce, water and on an on. The people in other countries can see what this government of Washington’s agenda is. What about you? Do you have any courage and a little strength to go out front of your home or business, if you even still have one and take down that cursed idol flag?

“In case it wasn’t clear before, the people who molest children and radiate travelers will have total and complete control in some event defined as a national emergency in the sole discretion of the President. Re comment and reposting at:”Guest Post: What Is President Obama So Afraid Of? Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/22/2012 13:39 -0400
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/guest-post-what-president-obama-so-afraid http://www.sovereignman.com/expat/what-is-president-obama-so-afraid-of/ What is President Obama so afraid of? Original Post by Simon Black.March 20, 2012 Santiago, Chile


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