Masons and Muslims Islamic Domestic Terrorists and Traitors – the Indiana Crossroads Navel Connection Revealed

Indiana Conspiracy Revealed – UN Peace and Safety Plan

Forced conversion using incrementally instituted laws and Executive Presidential orders, contrary to the US Constitution.

Subverting the Common law and replacing it with Sharia Law.

Faith Based Initiatives are funding the WAR upon US – stealing, killing and destroying.

   For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1th 5:3
     I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety. Ps 4:8

Islamic Socialism is a Domestic Enemy of organized crime disguised and sold, as a religion of peace. Masonic, Islamic lawless rebellion, is more than just a national concern. It is a worldwide conspiracy for total domination of all mankind and the Earth. Politicians have been allowed to infiltrate, who disregard the Constitution. Now we know why George Bush said, “Its just a GD piece of paper. And we’d string him up if we knew what “they’ve done or some such comment he made when commander in chief.”  Well now we know the Masonic agenda. How do you like it now America? They are coming for all of us bible believers, who know the Truth.

A whistle blowers production- A movie 
                                                       Audio How Islam Conquered America
How did all this happen?  What happened to our Constitution, our Freedoms, our Rights?  Our First Amendment, that would have prevented this internal conflict between two religions that never should have been ‘united’…experiment or not.  This information will hopefully compel ‘them’ to pull the plug on the Crossroads experiment, because it didn’t work, had casualties, and was exposed prematurely.
When Ronal Reagans  horoscope was cleared by Nancy’s personal witch-4da666… “And the Beast awoke and rubbed his sleepy eye, and found himself once again in the throne,” America changed course. Ronald Wilson Reagan freed the hostages, by making a deal with Iran, with the Islamic Revolution and the United Nations…
To change the fabric of America and to make it just as Islamic as it was Christian, and saw nothing wrong with uniting with the Islamic Revolution, and why Ronald Reagan publicly declared that, ‘The Taliban are the moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers.”  bBlieving the lie, that the god of Islam is the same God as the God of the Bible, and thus gave power and authority and unlimited stingers and arms to defeat a competing Super Power.  Many celebrated, with very few realizing that a much greater danger would fill the void, and that we would be the ones sleeping with this Beast, as we’re just beginning to see. 
Ronald Wilson Reagan changed the laws of the IRS to allow taxes to be collected from Churches in America, a poll tax, per capita tax, whatever law you’d like to call it. Churches were now subject to the collection of taxes, thanks to this one man, who gave power, honor, and authority to the Terrorist. TA terrorist whose goal is establishing, global sharia law.  One 666, who Christians praise as one of their own!
Then comes George Bush Sr. addressing the United Nations on 9/11 declaring that the United States  was implementing the New World Order, was in compliance with the New World Order plan and would implement it in America. (Yet still today many don’t have a clue as to what the New World Order really is, with all the intentional misinformation distributed through their Department of Deception, and free press suppression.) But just so you know, the New World Order was a peace proposal for the United Nations consideration for World Peace, in a booklet by Mulana Mohammed Ali entitled, the New World Order Islamic law- a Solution for World Peace. A solution to the Muslim problem in the MiddleEast. A plan to pay Islam to secure peace, from Islamic aggression, and proof of submission to Islamic law and the admittance that Islam is superior to all other religions. It is extortion, using violence, deception, and theft by means of criminal activity and should never be classified as a ‘religion,’  as it has here and abroad. That is the New World Order.

The plan is to establish through stealth and infiltration, to establish the Islamic State among the non-Muslim population of a City.  Nothing would change, nobody should even notice it’s transfer from the current regime to the next, so that there is no panic or chaos, nor any rebellion or alarm.  The only difference will be in the taxation of the citizens. It won’t be a ‘New Tax’ (read Bush’s lips-No New Taxes) but it will be the same taxes the citizens have always paid, and to who they paid them to, as before with the old regime.  WITH THIS ONE EXCEPTION- the taxes collected from the Christians and Jews are to be transferred to the banks of Islam, for the purpose of building and expanding Islam… The United Nations New World Order plan explains it. To take from the ‘Haves’ (Christians) and give to the ‘Have-Nots’ (Islam). Islam being declared a minority, and thereby a ‘preferred religious establishment of the State’.  Contrary to the Constitution. Other than that of a taxation deviation, a non-Muslim community can be totally engulfed and in submission, to Islamic Sharia law, without even knowing it.  The only foreseen problem are those Churches who refuse to pay the tax, the tax taken from the Christian to transfer to the Muslim. In accordance to the submission to Islam, the preferred religious establishment of the State.  [which never should have been allowed to happen, for such always kills peace and gives birth to war]
Islamic taxes collected from Protestant Schools and Churches are put in Islamic Banks, like AIG that recently announced that Americans better get use to working until they’re 83. Protestant taxes for Islamic banks, for Islamic loans for Muslims only (islamic law encourages discrimination, and preaches Islamic supremacy-another trait of a crime, not a religion.) The only problem that arises in this infusion into the New World Order, are those lone Churches who will refuse to pay the tax, or small groups of individuals who will sincerely believe that it’s their ‘duty’ to defend their State and Federal Constitutional laws, and think to take up arms against the Islamic State, their law enforcement and civilian military units. Thus the best case scenario is, preventive measures of disarming the general public for less bloodshed during the transition.  Reeducation centers should be built immediately according to the plan, to accommodate those who choose to resist the New World Order, for their own ‘safety and protection,’  from those whose purpose is obeying the laws of the Quran, and the order of the Islamic State. An ‘Islamic Zone’ within America, an Islamic State covertly controlled by minority Muslims, fast tracked using Affirmative Action, to place as many Muslims as possible in key positions and sensitive offices, regardless of qualification or verification or certification, just because they are Muslim. American Lawmakers are rebuked for even suggesting investigating Islamic infiltration into such positions, as if it shouldn’t be suspicious in and of itself, for the Secretary of State to have a Muslim aide, or that the Muslim Brotherhoods couldn’t be terrorist without her. or that Egypt wouldn’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood now. 
The real connection is in Indiana with Carson, then you’ll get the big picture and why the need for a proper investigation and exposing of the facts for the considerations of, We the People.  Why? Because in a Muslim State they have an obligation to the Muslim communities of providing security and protection for them, which includes and uses the same law enforcement and military as those already in the land where in, the Muslims occupy.
This is the Islamic strategy, and the plan for implementing the New World Order, with the cooperation of the current Government of the Constitution and we the People as the plan unfolds Implementing and establishing  an Independent Islamic State upon our lands, without firing a shot, all without people even finding out, so they hoped, and explains what Rep. Carson meant, when he was speaking at the recent Pro-Sharia Conference.  He told ‘those here undercover, Allah will stop you,’  because even though Carson claims that, he just wants an honest conversation about this. He can’t, and he won’t, because the only thing he could do and would do is deny it all, as if none of the facts are there, as if only his lies are a reality, deceiving himself.
Then comes Bill Clinton…
His part was to throw the doors open wide to the enemy of Christianity, and throw out our Immigration laws, not get rid of them as to cause an uproar, just simply ignore them. Don’t enforce them, making them void, yet remain as of some effect, and no sense of loss for the public.
Conquered without firing a shot, without the people even knowing what has happened here in America, here in Indiana, the heart of the Bible belt. 
Another little known fact is that President Clinton had been warned about the Islamic threat coming to America, I know because I wrote it myself, yet Clinton claimed that he was aware and making it a “National Security Priority to increase aviation security, in our airports and in our aircraft.” (I have a copy of Clinton’s response letter.) Yet he did not do, what he claimed that he was in the process of doing, and 911 was a result of Clinton’s lie .  Clinton also made Waco an example of any religious establishment that resists or speaks out against the government, in accordance with Islamic law, which would explain how the President of a ‘Christian Nation’ could use military force and attack a small community and burn it to the ground, killing the women, men, and children inside, and later we find out, the truth.  The government was involved in lying to the people and covering up unlawful actions, of the Federal Agencies. Clinton also lied under oath about his having a hard time finding his coat in the closet.
Then comes George Bush Jr.  to put the finishing touches on his daddies, New World Order…
By declaring the Faith Based Initiatives wherein the Government could finally funnel tax dollars into establishments of religion, for ‘charity’ works, by ‘sidestepping’ and abolishing by not enforcing the 1stAmendment, and all the Constitutional laws of individual States, concerning the Separation of Church and State. (That which is the only thing preventing religious civil wars.) All in order to establish this Islamic New World Order of 666, this New World Order of the False Prophet Islam.   Isn’t it odd that George Bush was the President when the order was given to seize and bulldoze the rebellious Indianapolis Baptist Temple and Academy for refusing to pay the tax to the Islamic State, money being used, for the purpose of building Islamic Mosques in America?  Yet he is another of the Churches ‘heroes,’ and  he is too ashamed of what he’s done, to show his face.

And finally, now comes Obama putting the finishing touches on the New World Order, the capstone. He not only endorses the Faith Based Initiatives, continuing to willfully violate Constitutional Law (because Bush did it first) but triples the funding and finds a way to give Islam official ‘preferential status’ via the Commerce Department.  Think about that, now the government is giving financial preferences to Islam over Christianity, in taxes, in loans, in status, and education.  Fast tracking affirmative action, giving positions of power to those unqualified, unworthy, and even the unstable, as long as they’re Muslim.  They’re getting those positions, and we can’t even ask why.
Why?  Because your living in an Islamic State, you are a second class citizen, and paying your Islamic tax, and getting for your children Islamic indoctrination, in Public Schools, the name of your Lord has been banned from the State Capitol and replaced with the name of Allah, the god who begets not, nor is begotten.
The Conspiracy of the Crossroads is that the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana has been a testing ground for implementing the New World Order. An experiment to see if it’s possible to integrate the Muslim and the Christian together. The problem is only one side knows about it. Another problem is that nobody is telling the truth about the consequences or the results of this unlawful and deadly combination, nobody is talking about the casualties that have resulted here in Indiana since the implementation of this Islamic State of Indiana. It’s attacks by the IRS -Islamic Revenue Service, and the numerous violations of citizens Constitutional laws. Is there not to be, be any consequences for such an insurrection, as this treasonous Conspiracy?  ‘Their’ best bet is to admit, it was only an experiment, and pull the plug and disclose their findings.  If not, and they are seriously wanting to keep us, as a conquered people, and this an Islamic State, then we have a very serious problem on our hands.   Either way, we do have a serious problem.
If your one of those, who still needs more evidence that the State of Indiana actually tried to become one of these stealthy Islamic States, consider these facts.
Unlawful preference given to Islam by classifying Muslims as a ‘preferred’ status.
Indiana State Capitol bans the name of Jesus, but allows the name of Allah.
Consider the recent lies of Rep. Carson, that he’s for the 1st Amendment, and against Islamic instruction in Public Education, yet he considers our Constitution as 2ndClass. IPS has been educating children at Indianapolis Public Schools with Islamic doctrine and principles longer than Rep. Carson has been a Muslim.

They took a Protestants job, and abducted his child, for his criticism of Islams infiltration in Indiana and America, and finally seized and bulldozed this same Protestants Church and Son’s private school, the Indianapolis Baptist Temple Academy- for failure to pay the taxes  that were going into Islamic hands.
Now all you’ve gotta do is look at Islam’s game plan on establishing Islamic domain in a predominately non-Muslim city, or  in this case, the very heart of the Bible belt. Look at the evidence of what’s going on and what’s been going on, and the Conspiracy is no longer a Conspiracy, but a Conviction.  The State, and those who conspired to overthrow or abolish our Constitutional laws, by deceiving the people and keeping them in the dark may not be punished in this world, but  will be in the next, I assure you.
We are instructed by the Word of God not to assist in any way these Antichrists, let alone pay taxes or tithes to those who desire to eradicate us. It doesn’t make good sense, and it’s a violation of the Word, so no, we will not bow to any false authority, and we will continue to uphold, defend, and protect the laws, of we the people, that has up till now prevented such a conflict such as this from ever arising.
Stephen Michael Schroeder

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