The Kingdom Soldiers are messengers who know the Truth: DONT TREAD ON ME Flag is the idol HEAD OF THE SERPENT at WAR within US-Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Jo 15:11 These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
Ye are my friends,(FAMILY) if ye do whatsoever I command you.

Kingdom Soldiers Deliver Messages Revealing and Restoring the breaches in the temple wall with Truth REPAIRING and rebuilding the Law…Mankinds only real duty is to learn TRUTH and turn from error and to learn to obey the Laws of the King of Kings, to regain their intended position of immortality in the the Spiritual Realm. It is the only doorway out of this situation playing out down here on planet earth.

A Memorial Day Tribute by Soldier DJR
As we continue to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend honoring and respecting the soldiers of America, past and present, let us not dare forget the bravery and selflessness it takes to fight and endure the hardships that war brings. Not all men are willing to sacrifice on this level, and the men who do, bring to life the true meaning of Love, to lay down your life for another.

Our loved ones risked their lives and died fighting for a safer future for our sons and daughters and for the safety of those being suppressed around the globe….or so they thought. Who wants to think that their father, brother, or sister has died in vain for power, wealth and greed???? or to sacrifice and serve a war God honored by our government??? or to help usher in a new world order??? Huh!!! Who really wants to believe that !!! No one!!!! But the truth concerning these wars, if we are to be honest and look back at the facts, and not through emotional eyes, we will see were fought for power, for wealth, and a sick lust for human blood. Wars that have been proven to be orchestrated from both sides, (as if our world leaders are all ‘buddies’ inside working for the same goals while pretending to be foes to the outside world.) And using that sense of duty, love, and devotion that any real man has for his countryman against him.

We should all know what our deceased loved ones would want from us now, to tell the truth and the lies concerning the battles they fought. To not let the emotions of their death continue our blind patriotism and perpetuating lies of this government. They would want the truth of their sacrifice exposed instead of us hiding behind the lies and deceptions of the wars to suffice our need to feel good about thier death. Not to worry or fear; Our Father knows our hearts and the hearts of all fallen soldiers who faught under false pretense and all things work for good if we stand for true justice.

So if our intentions this Memorial Day are to truly honor our fallen countrymen and loved ones then let us do so by telling the truth of the wars they fought, the real facts that expose the abuse and misuse of our brothers and sisters.

Let us now move forward in Truth, using the past as a guide to prevent any present mistakes. Written by DJR

I say again,
Only the wise shall reallllllllly understand the depth of the adversary and the deception. Having understanding is the greatest and best gift we can attain in this flesh for it is Truth manifesting and abiding within us and their is no defense against revealed TRUTH and it won’t stay hidden.
If you don’t have the spiritual knowledge, and wisdom to understand, discern and see a wolf inside sheeps cover you won’t bee able to recognise or identify the enemy or see the whole deception especially if you are beset by spirits of blind patriotism or spiritual pride; in thinking you couldn’t possibly be deceived not even realizing you have fallen prey to all the conditioning lies of false history, written on tablets of destiny by those wolves who have crept in unawares, aka most politicians and governments of this last beast kingdom.

We all have fallen short and been deceived at some point along the way and it is so sad to have had another touch of healing to see it all so much clearer when those we try to feed more of the hidden manna, just aren’t even hungry to know the TRUTH , The REAL TRUTH and nothing but Truth.

“They” say knowledge is power welllllllll that must be why they work so hard to control and profane the real TRUTH in this day and age where it is cast down, practicing and prospering for a little time…WWD


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