What if? Judge Napolitano video, “Is it better to perish fighting for freedom, than live as a slave?” Is it dangerous to bee right eous when the Gov. is wrong?

I say stand for TRUTH and separte. No need to fight THIS FORETOLD TO COME beast kingdom; that is divided against itself for it will fall like all the others before it in due time. Washington in the district of the goddess columbia is not our savior or for us, but against us. At every turn, our adversary is revealed and easy to recognise; not by all the empy words and lies in endless speeches or proclamations, but by the fruit of their deeds and works as seen in every lawless act and forced conversion tactic currently being employed against the citizens of this country. The Federal government and the endless agencies created by their assumed authority is in fact nothing more than color of law having the appearance of law and as lawless rebels that they really are is justification for our separation and they have no real authority over us. Scriptures say this world is passing away and at the same time it will never end…TIME IS SHORT. CONTEMPLATE THAT. ACCEPT OR REJECT.


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